wii graphics look really good

check out the trailer to red steel, which is actual gameplay and not cutscenes or prerendered crap. i think the animation looks super fluid and the graphics look very very nice. and this is only a 1st generation launch title that is still 6months from completion. i think wii games will have some awesome graphics. of course it wont be able to match ps3/360, but i still think its gonna be a nice leap from past generation stuff.

look at the e3 trailer:

i think it looks as good as most 360 games.

Red Steel contains no gore. Wich is an indication to what age group this console is for :=)

Gore = Quality Gaming

See MK1 vs SF2 Turbo

I didnt see anything in those vids that looked close to 360 level

"Gore = Quality Gaming
See MK1 vs SF2 Turbo"


I guess RE4 without gore would still give the same gaming experience

"I guess RE4 without gore would still give the same gaming experience"

I guess adding gore to Zelda or Metroid would make it a better gaming experience.

"I guess adding gore to Zelda or Metroid would make it a better gaming experience"

Come on dude. Now your just being silly. Making a yakuza game without being able to cut peoples heads off is like making an MMA game without including grappling

I think if cutting someone's head off is the crucial gameplay element for you, I dont think im the only one being silly on this thread.

But in all seriousness violence appropriate to the content definitely gives the game a more visceral feel.

But I dont think Nintendo is targeting the lower age bracket.

Wasnt RE4 a Gamecube exclusvie for a while?

Its not a crucial gameplay element generally. But when its a game about the japanese yakuza where you also use swords. Its kind of a let down to read that its toned down violence

They showed live gameplay on G4 and it didn't look very good at all (imo).


Your a wellknown "wii-wii" so i will take your comment with a grain of salt

Wii.IGN.com on Wii graphics:

"Wii is perhaps twice as powerful as GameCube, but apparently Nintendo hasn't gotten the memo yet because it seems to have designed many of its games for hardware roughly 10 times less powerful."

The IGn quote is in reference to the Nintendo sports titles, which were designed that way intentionally to be simple and clean to be inviting to non-gamers. From the looks of it, that tennis sports game has far more of a chance to pull in new players than your 50 million dollar Too Humans or Halo3 or Heavenly Sword.

The Virtual Console being open to indie developers is great as well. There are alot of people out there with great ideas and talent, and who knows, we may see the next Tetris pop up on there.

Remember this, Tetris, develop in his friend time a Russian computer programmer, has sold more, been played more, and been played by more people than every Halo, Call of Duty, and Madden game combined.

Why is a non-gamer going to buy a game system in the first place? If they did, they'd buy a handheld, since, being non-gamers, they aren't going to want to shell out for a system and sit there in front of a screen playing games all night.

I'll never understand the argument that non-gamers will be unimpressed by dazzling games with big-time production values or photorealistic visuals, but will want to break their gaming embargo and buy a console when they see something that looks like something they can play on their cellphone for free. Sure, they might be more inclined to pick it up and play it -- but spend $50 on it (after buying the system)? Hell no.

These reports just confirm that they could have EASILY just released the Wii controller for Gamecube and had the exact same games.