Wii Q

does anyone have the link for the nintendo games you can DL to the wii ? i think the wii is worth it just to play the old school games.

I can list the ones I remember:

NES: Mario Bros. (not Super Mario Bros.), Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., The Legend of Zelda, Solomon's Key, Wario's Woods, Soccer, Pinball

SNES: SimCity, F-Zero

N64: Super Mario 64

Sega Genesis: Ecco the Dolphin, Altered Beast, Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, Ristar, Columns, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Gunstar Heroes

Turbografx16: Bonk's Adventure, Super Star Soldiers, Alien Crush, Military Madness, some racing game

Also Tennis for NES and Space Harrier 2 for Genesis.

what about romance of the three kingdoms? madden? shining force?

I think they're offering a bunch of crappy games so people will buy them now - guaranteed sales because that's all they're offering. Then they'll start offering the good games later for guaranteed sales because everybody's going to buy Super Mario Brothers. The original Super Mario Brothers is 40 kilobytes, they could have easily made it available already.

I think Super Mario 64 is the only game that costs $10. A lot of them cost $5, some of them $6, and a few of them $8.

super mario bros, street fighter 2, and toe jam and earl are coming out
next week. they've been adding games each monday and will continue to
do so. they've got a limitless supply of games to release, but they're not
going to do so all at once. i'd expect them to have several hundred out
by this time next year. punch out, pilotwings, and duckhunt are
supposed to be released soon too. i agree that the prices should be a
little lower. i think they'll start packaging wii points in with certain
games, etc.

There are only 42 empty channels, and that includes the spaces you'll need for the web browser and other add-ons. They better add pages to the menu or I'll stop buying at 42.

Man...and all people did when I posted my number was complain. When I get off of work I'll post it again. What can we do? Right now...not a whole lot (besides messaging and Miis). When online games come out it'll be the basis for a "buddy list" kind of feature.

6351 3921 8150 5693

we should be able to download demo of games, I can't remember any of the TG-16 games.Also the prices is a bit high.

But its fun to play old school games you know.

If you only get one VC game get Military Madness. It's the shit. Think Advanced Wars but better and shorter.

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