Will a Gracie be champ again?

My question is if you guys think a Gracie ever again be champ in a "major" MMA organisation again?

I suppose, if Royce wins he sort of becomes the moral champion, but I doubt he will.

Rickson, Renzo, Ryan, Ralph, Rodrigo are either inactive, injured or over the hill.

The new generation; Roger, Daniel, Crosley, Rener, Ryron are to one-dimensional or focusing on BJJ/SW.

Of course there are a few more younger who I havent seen in MMA.

rorion's son's could be champs someday. Maybe in Gladiator's challenge, KOTC, something like that.

Rorion's sons (Ryron and Rener)

Ive seen Crosleys Pride fights and although threw some hands it would be safe to say that he´s Ok, not worldclass.