will adcc come back to L.A. now?

from all of the people i have spoken to, i have heard that adcc in jersey was practically  a ghost town.  moreover, i also heard that when it was in brazil, it was not very full, as well.

  however, the event in long beach, ca was pretty packed, at least according to my memory.  so, will it come back to los angeles in the next two years: the place where it can make more money?  it only makes sense.  for one, its a great opportunity for the company to make money.  beyond that, more brazilians live in so cal than almost any other place in this nation combined.  so why not bring the tourney where the competitors will have a built in fan base and support center.

plus, i am here, and i am too lazy to travel.

i believe the long term plan was to bring it all over the world. I wouldn't be surprised to see it in Japan or Europe the next time.

depends on sponsors i guess, but Sweden was mentioned.

Should be Japan, big crowds, sponsors, media interest aplenty no?

I hope so. I thought it was great last time it was out here.

Not just for Brazilians...its just that southern cali is like the Mecca of grappling/bjj/wrestling/mma. I have no idea why they would go to that shit-town dumpster jersey to put on a show for those guidos.

I heard Europe next time. And Sweden would of course be wonderful! :)

la is where all tourneys make the money

ttt for carlao

If all goes according to plan:

2009 Europe: I've heard Sweden and Poland as likely candidates. Amsterdam is off the list (DAMN!!!)

2011: Japan

2013: USA (?)

ttt for ADCC LA

Yeah... the Pyramid in Long Beach didn't have a bad seat in the house.

Japan would be awesome, Europe would be fun, too.

I am totally in Japan!!!

Long Beach or Las Vegas...

ADCC needs a place where people can bring their families for vacation with lots of hotels and tourist attractions nearby.

Europe or Japan are too cost-prohibitive, unless they are going to provide more sponsorship and affordable travel packages for all competitors.

Competitors have their room and board paid for.

Vegas wouldn't be a bad place either. On the east coast, I wouldn't mind NY, Miami, DC or Philly.

I believe Europe is next.

I understand Poland has a rapidly expanding scene.

Poland doesn't deserve it just yet - Scandinavian countries or the UK - all depends where they are going to get the best sponsorship deals.

tbh, i think Japan would be awesome.

CHICAGO...... Lots of fans/competitors in the mid-west, and easy flights from each coast and down south. Easy driving distance for many too!! Look at UFC in Ohio, record numbers.

SoCal should be the permanant home, IMO. No need to endure the expense, co-promotion, learning curve, etc of staging the event in different places. SoCal has everything this tourney needs. The jersey crowds were a joke and a sad commentary on the viability of sub grappling as a spectator sport.

"its just that southern cali is like the Mecca of grappling/bjj/wrestling/mma."

Iowa and the rest of the midwest might have something to say about socal being the mecca of wrestling

Trenton is a bad place period but the event was great.......no matter where it is, the tourny will be great...