Will Aldo and Pettis exchange blows? They answer

Aldo's first part: "We have to respect Anthony Pettis. His game striking is kind of different, very eclectic. He tries to innovate all the time, so I respect him, but I train for everything. In my gym, there are many fighters that help me prepare to perform"

Aldo's second part: "Let's see. I can only answer this in the fight (if we'll strike). A fight is a fight and I respect him. But, if he is saying that (that will strike with me) we'll see in the fight. When it's time we'll see who is who.

Aldos leg kicks are to much for any man, if pettis cant finish the fight by the second round I dont see him winning, unless aldo isnt able to get his kicks off fkr whatever reason Phone Post