Will Alvarez be okay with fighting on Spike?

From what I understand his entire legal situation with Bellator was based around Bellator not being able to compete with Zuffa in the aspect of ppv. They said yes we can, here's our ppv now fight on it, and he was going to do that. Does anything change or happen with him and this fight now that isn't on ppv anymore? Can he argue his contract wasn't truly matched since he's no longer fighting on ppv and Bellator basically just told he and Chandler they aren't capable of headlining a ppv without a couple of UFC vets? Phone Post

He signed a new deal with Bellator, the deal he took is not the deal UFC offered.

To avoid the 18 plus months more legal fight he would have had he came to terms with them.

According to Bjorn he isnt losing out on any PPV money which if true means they came to a different deal that probably paid him more money as a signing bonus or more win/show money to offset any possible PPV money he lost out on.

Thats what he came to Bellator with after the UFC deal, he said since you arent a PPV compnay and I can potentially make x amount on PPV in the UFC you guys can pay me a higher win/show money to make up for it, which he claimed was less than he would have made in the UFC on PPV.

Bellators counter was its not guaranteed, teh UFC can stick you on Fox and you get no PPV money so we arent gonna up the contract and pay you more.

So he probably got a bigger bonus and maybe instead of 75/75 maybe he gets 125/125 instead.  Something like that. 

Thanks Chris. Phone Post

What can he do? Now that they have him bent over and taking it up the ass it's pointless to argue/fight... Phone Post 3.0

Bellator ppv points are worthless. 


Bellator ppv points are worthless. 

Very true, also I doubt he would of got PPV points in the UFC unless he was champion so even if they matched the deal he would not of got PPV money until his 2nd fight on the deal.

Eddie should threaten to back out of the contract now!

Curran vs Strauss is a good fight, but it's a giant drop off from Alvarez/Chandler. Phone Post 3.0