Will Anderson Retire tonight if he Loses?

Homeboy is on the wrong side of 30, if he loses his belt tonight will he retire?

He has done things in the UFC that nobody has or ever will, 10 title defenses and 14 win streak. Nobody can take that away from him.

But there always comes a time when it's time to walk off in to the shadows like Ryu did when he beat M. Bison in street fighter II.

Will Anderson Silva the GOAT retire tonight after he loses Chael?

YES!  Anderson Silva will retire and along with Fedor, their collective sorrow will reverse global warming with all of their salty tears cacading like torrents into the oceans of  Mother Earth, thus restoring balace to the melting ice caps at both the north and south poles and avert Niburi & the Annukaki from returning to earth to enslave humanity once again.

Chael P. Sonnen will save the entire world and will ride a polar bear, and blaze a politcal career and become President of the United States in this fall's elections.