Will Babalu get another UFC fight?

I hope so. I know he's fucked up in his last few fights, but he is super exciting and brings it all the time. Eets a Babalooo

Basically, Gonzaga did what I hope and prayed Babalu would do with Chuck..

Gonzaga totally nullified the straight punches and KH's with his constant circling, I envisaged Babalu could have done something similar.

Still some good fights for him, Griffin, Bisping etc.

Jardine vs. Babalu anyone???

That would be a good fight. For some reason, I see Jardine taking that in the late rounds too. Wish Babalu could put it all together in a fight. He so freaking talented.

Elvis gets them, not dissing the guy. I'm sure Sobral hasn't been removed from the rolodex.

^ Very correct.

If Babalu fought like Arvloski or Sylvia, he would be undefeated. He's just a crazy mother fucker though.

Those nutty Brazilians ;)