Will Biden pass student loan forgiveness before next election?

So since Biden and Kamala promised student loan forgiveness when they were campaigning and it has not come to fruition, I’m wondering if they pass this as a Hail Mary before the 2024 election.

So, will Biden ram through student loan forgiveness or is this just another bullshit talking point that they used to get into the White House?

  • Biden will pass student loan forgiveness
  • Biden will NOT pass student loan forgiveness.

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Voters don’t even remember campaign promises, fuck actually following through on them.

Fuck no, never, that’s the libtard golden ticket.

Of course not. He’ll pass it right after he cures cancer like he promised.

I think Biden is more likely to just pass before the next election. One year from the decade of President Harris!


I forgot about that.

How people don’t hold politicians accountable for the bullshit they spew is incredible.

No…but…he’ll probably campaign on it and blame Republicans as to why he didn’t do it previously and how he’s gonna get it done this time.

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I can see this happening right after the midterms when the Dems get slaughtered and the GOP takes back the house/Senate. “We we’re going to forgive all of the loans but we are being stonewalled by the republicans!!!”

Doubt. Student loans make you beholden to the government. They’ll never remove any leash like that. Only add.

Hope not.

Pay what you owe.

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I think he will, but he’ll do it nearer to the election. It will be a cheap way to buy votes and have a good talking point he can belabor during the next election

Hopefully he does