Will Big Wes whip Mark Kerr????

I think so. What y'all think???

Motions for waiter

I'll have whatever Matt's having.... ;)

Kerr will Kill Wes IMO.

Uh... ...no.

I think Wes is going to win. Got my reasons, but am kind of biased as he is my dude. I am seriously pulling for him, but like I said it's not all my heart that tells me he's gonna pull it off. I know how he's been training.

TTT for the smashing machine getting smashed.

Depends on what Kerr shows up....If the old Kerr shows, I'm praying for Wes to stay alive....If the tired out Kerr shows, then it looks like he could pull it off.

TTT for both fighters! can't wait! I'll be there live!

Depends on what Kerr shows up....

I very much agree with this statement and the one earlier about it is difficult to predict how Kerr will perform.......He's a little rusty and he looks so different physically, it's almost like he's not the same guy as most of the fans remember......though he is still a world class wrestler and has tons of experience.

I think Kerr controls where this fight goes with his takedowns and controls Simms on the ground and pulls out the win via ground and pound...... I just saw Sims at the Gracie Fights in March and wasn't overly impressed with him there.....I'm not confident enough to bet on this fight but I give the edge to Kerr

Before Wes kick's Kerr's ass

Another hammer house guy is going to lick somones ass to.

Rob The Bullrider Wince by brutal KO. I can't wait.

Kerr by gnp or by Wes getting dq for some stupid shit

Hey Scott, I'm not so sure I want to see Rob lick anyone's ass. lol

Watching him beat somebody up... well that's a different story.

  • Josh

only if kerr gasses badly

"Got my reasons, but am kind of biased as he is my dude."



I don't kow what Rob is going to do.

He is about half nuts

Kerr was somewhat overrated in his early fighting years, but if he's anywhere near his best, it will still easily be enough for Sims.

Sims by DDT.

LOL @ Kerr gassing out, ive seen Sims gas out more than Kerr ever did.

Dont think just because Kerr isnt 260 ripped that he's forgotten all of his skills,

Kerr is gonna' whoop dat ass.

It will be sad. Nicest guy in the world but probably washed up, abused his body, very inactive... versus one of the dirtiest, most disrespectful and mediocre talents out there. Sims will probably knock the gears out of the smashing machine.

Sims stand up is terrible. His wrestling is also subpar.
Kerr should be able to destroy him without training for ten years. kerr will win this easily.

I hope kerr has been able to reinvent himself. he is a great grappler who could be a sub machine if he applied himself.