Will black UFC fighters be pissed at Rogan (on Saturday)?

The UFC fighter Erik Anders wrote something negative on Joe’s Instagram.

Any chance Derek or Izzy, or Bobby Green, will be mad/uncomfortable with Rogan, do you think? They all fight on Saturday. Oh and DC will be there as well.

Will Joe still do the Post Fight stuff?

The former kickboxer, and Mayweather gym trainer, Dewey Cooper, wrote long paragraphs on Joe’s instagram about how he was mad as hell! And that Joe just fist bumped him a few days ago, and he couldn’t believe it.

But then he said, after thinking about it, how he and Joe good have always got on, he would ‘let it slide’. The comment was later deleted.

Fight card

Middleweight Israel Adesanya (c) vs. Robert Whittaker [a]
Heavyweight Derrick Lewis vs. Tai Tuivasa
Middleweight Jared Cannonier vs. Derek Brunson
Bantamweight Kyler Phillips vs. Marcelo Rojo
Lightweight Bobby Green vs. Nasrat Haqparast

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All the African American fighters should boycott doing interviews with him after their fights

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So he can still interview Izzy, right?




I am not saying they should be mad with Rogan, if you took it that way. I didn’t mean that at all.

I just meant, will they be?

I doubt any of them give two shits about this political hit job. I guarantee my boy Bobby dont give a fuck. He ain’t no bitch like that.


Israel already came out in support.

Derrick Lewis is cool as hell and probably will give joe the N-word pass.

Bobby Green once posted a thing with his white coach, basically refuting the woke liberal narrative.


I think its clear to anyone that Rogan is basically just a meathead but not racist.


Yeah, I remember that Bobby Green clip.

Maybe it will go the other way, with those guys giving Joe a hug and what not.

I truly don’t care. I was making a joke about how hypocritical people who lean to the left seem to be coming across these days when it comes to racism.

I’ve said it before…this Rogan thing really feels a lot more like “big media” taking a run at him because he’s beating them up in the ratings.

It’s hard not to believe someone is trying to knock Rogan down a peg or two. I haven’t listened to him in years but I downloaded Spotify to check out what all the hubbub is about.

So far I haven’t heard anything that would justify this sort of treatment and I don’t remember him acting the way people claim.


Joe has an adopted black daughter.

He has had Cornell West on his podcast.

He calls Dave Chapelle his brother and they headline comedy shows together

How racist can he really be?


I agree. It is a hit job. It is orchestrated by a Dem-Pac called Medias touch. They are same guys who went after Portnoy.

They view Rogan as taking away money from traditional media. And, in political terms, they view him as an amplifier of Right Wing voices.

There was a list going around, made up by some liar, with the number of right wing guests vs left. It was total B.S. Deliberate and knowing BS.

They missed off lots of relevant people like Cornell West. And put guys like Russell Brand in the right wing category.

Lefty twitter is certain Rogan is the devil.


no, he isn’t a racist and everyone knows that. also, all fighters know that if they verbally attack rogan for any reason during an octagon interview their UFC days are done


Izzy is not American and hopefully he will lose anyway

Derek is fairly based .he had a bitch session with joe about how scummy blacks are when anyone around them makes it

Bobby green is anti-BLM and the proud son of a very square looking white man


Dewey Cooper was a great kickboxer. I loved to watch him fight.

But he comes off as an asshole of a person.


Many people who choose fighting as a career are a-holes and or dirtbags. Fist fighting seems to attract a certain type of person…


Probably be spit on if they pass on an interview. All the klansmen in the stands support joe.

You act like how racist someone actually is actually matters, anymore.

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