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“I turned 52 in May and as far as I’m concerned, the way I work in the Octagon — whether it’s a Buffer 180 or 360, which could very well happen at UFC 100 — I can do this well into my sixties. I’ll be doing this as long as they’ll have me. No matter what I do in life, I always give one hundred and fifty percent. Some of my moves are a little pushy on the knees or the hips but like I always say, the show must go on.”

UFC 100 is a monumental event indeed. Can the veteran voice of the Octagon pull off mixed martial arts’ equivalent of the triple lindy or will he fall flat on his face? Tune in on July 11 and find out for yourselves, Maniacs …

 If he does this.... it will be the greatest moment in UFC history.  I can't wait, lol.  I hope he does it!  I'd give him tons of props, and I'd definitely be cheering watching UFC 100!

 TTT Buffer 360@100!

 If he pulls it off I think he should go directly into the Hall of Fame!


I am almost as excited about the Buffer 360 as everything else at UFC 100. Going to be a great night. The damn well better show Buffer's introductions.

By the way, which fight would do you think Buffer will attempt it? I am guessing the main even with Lesnar and Mir but the GSP fight is a pretty damn big fight also.

Do tell.


I'm in complete agreement... (not that he's not already going into the UFC Hall of Fame one day, but) if he pulls this off... PUT HIM IN THE HALL OF FAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THE BUFFER 360 AT 100, TTT!

He's gotta do something special besides just yelling louder.

Doooo eeeeett!!!!!


I will flip if everyone in attendance chants 360 right before the main event (ECW style). The whole place will erupt if he pulls it off!

Threee six teee!!!!!!!
Threee six teee!!!!!!!
Threee six teee!!!!!!!

 This will be a highlight of my event since Ill be there- hopefully he does it. 

 Bad ass if he pulls off the 360...

 I would be happy if he doesnt sound like he is trying to shit out a watermelon when he announces the fights. Buffer is awful. Dana should shitcan him and have Michael Buffer do UFC 100.

Steamfitter -  I would be happy if he doesnt sound like he is trying to shit out a watermelon when he announces the fights.



 so this is what UFC is about nowadays....LOL

 We can only hope that he does.

Pure awesome.

dear god let it be true!

i want this just as much as i want Jardine ot embrace who he really is and dance to techno on the way to the octagon.

Can Bruce pull it off the 360 spin?