Will Dana step in?

and tell Ken, "do you wanna be a fvkn coach. DO YOU WANNA BE A FVKN COACH. Because you aren't acting like a fvkn coach".
seriously, do you think he'll step in and say Ken, you need to train these guys. they are here to train and fight.

just like he stepped in before to tell the coaches they needed ot make better matchups, etc.


Dana would get beat into living death if he tried to pull that shit.

I saw Dana catch the chair that Ken kicked when he was pissed at Tito... Ken does not want anything to do with those reflexes.

Do you wanna be a fucking coach = HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

great video!

Check the laugh waiting to burst out of dana's mouth as soon as the words 'living death' came out of Kens mouth.

that vid is funny

That video will never ever ver get old....

Seriously though Tito just owns Ken in the mind games...