Will Diaz be on main card?

I hope so. I may buy it now if he is.

Why am I stupid? The dude wasn't even on a UFC contract 2 days ago. The UFC had given up on him pretty much. He was supposed to be on TUF 4 even and had to pull out from that.

Hell, Riggs was even on the undercard of a UFN!!

good points. That said, I hope Diaz is on the main card.

As much as everyone wants to see this fight (cause we know it's going to be a good one), I have a feeling that they don't air it. They seem to do that with alot of good fights!

I don't see how it can't be on the main card. If Alves/Neer was going to be then Neer/Diaz should be. Not only is it a more attractive fight, but why should Neer be penalized because his original opponent got sick?

you would not like him when he's Ang Lee

"Also, I'm thinking they picked up Diaz to boost PPV buys. They've been getting alot of heat for the quality of this card, and they probably chose him over someone else hoping it would increase buys a bit."

They chose Jake Shields who didn't think he could make weight.