Will exotic weapons be used, hypersonic missiles, UFOs, ray guns?

Do you think we will see hypersonic missiles, F35s in action, UFOs, and Ray guns that may exist?

  • Hypersonic missles
  • UFO
  • Ray guns
  • Space Weapons

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There are multiple votes you can make, legally, not Biden style

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I think the first country to develope effective space weapons will have a huge advantage.

Imagine being able to take out most or all of a country’s satellites within days or weeks – before they even have the technology to counter.

I think China will win the space war someday, and it will be over before the US even knows what happened.

Well if Dumbocrats stay in power and continue to focus on social justice and other bullshit…you might be right.

Really hoping the pendulum swings back.


Ukraine will send unmasked POW with omicron to surrender to Russia and then just watch the bodies pile up on the russian side.

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China makes garbage products for the most part.

They are like a virus. 99% of what they make is shit, but they do make some real high tech shit too

You can thank the Clintons for turning China from a shitty manufacturing country to a tech powerhouse

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I think the US has weapons that we cannot fathom. They are letting China show off some to let them be content. The US military’s budget is unreal.

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Anything the Chinese have was stolen from another country.


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Imagine if HAARP can control the weather. The US could sent cat 5 hurricanes at an enemy.

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I hope you are right

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Only after this war fails to establish a one world commie government and the elites move forward with their next plan of an alien invasion.

Half joking, half drunk :man_shrugging:

You need a “None of the Above” option in a poll, or at a minimum an “Other” option for people who don’t agree with anything listed