Will Faber vs Dillashaw happen?

What are the chances this fight takes place? Now that TJ Dillashaw announced he is no longer a member of TAM... I feel this is Urijah's best (and last) chance at a UFC belt he had always wanted.

Both have said they would fight if the money is right....but I believe both guys would take a UFC championship over the right payday.

Thoughts? Phone Post 3.0

Yes Phone Post 3.0

I feel the hype building. I see it happening if there's not a bigger fight for tj Phone Post 3.0

Probably. Faber is still one of the only big names at 135 and it has a good story behind it. Phone Post 3.0

I can't believe more people aren't pumped to see this fight? I think it's Urijah's best chance for a title. It would be a story book ending for The California Kids career. Phone Post 3.0

I would love to see it.

If Faber won, which is a big if, I'd love to see him retire in the Octagon. Retire as champ.

It could be a big payday for both of them so I can see it happening.

This would be a great fight for the UFC 200 card. Perfect timing for TJ to fight considering it's 6 months after his fight with Cruz. And the story line is just too good for Dana not to capitalize on all this hype. I personally, would love to see this story end in the octagon.

There hasn't been a better potential fight at 135 than these two. It's the only fight to make right now even if Cruz beats tj, the fight to make is faber v dillashaw Phone Post 3.0

I hope so, all the drama aside it's a damn good fight. 

Can't say the story isn't good either, Faber brought TJ up through the ranks. It's gonna be your classic Master vs Student battle!

I'll be rooting for The California Kid that's for sure though

I'd like to see it. I think TJ would take that win.

Sounds like a good fight. Frankie Edgar proved that if one has good wrestling and can punch in combinations, one can beat Faber.

60-40 it happens at some point.