Will Frank Shamrock regret feuding

Will Frank Shamrock regret feuding with the UFC when he 60 years old and thinks back to the possible millions he could have made? Can he just let go of his ego for one minute? No matter how good Strikeforce does he has no chance of making even close to the kind of money he would be able to make if he was fighting with the UFC, especially now with how they are giving headliners a good part of the PPV sales.

you watch your mouth call shamrock 60 years old

he might make UFC money fighting for Showtime, but Strikeforce might have the legal team to prevent that from happening.

most Showtime viewers don't know WhoTF Frank is, anyway.

if Frank becomes an net money liability to Showtime, they'll drop him like a hot potato.

UFC could potentially make him millions. Could you imagine they put him as one of the coaches of Ultimate Fighter? Then build up a rematch with him and Tito or a fight with him and Royce Gracie? He could potentially make millions. He is losing out in possible commericial endorsments, movie roles, the list goes on and on.

the problem with frank is he doesn't want to risk losing ------ thats the bottom line.he would make a shitload of money in the ufc but he would have to fight guys like anderson and franklin instead of ceaser and renzo gracie

most Showtime viewers don't know WhoTF Frank is, anyway.

Most people don't have Showtime to begin with.

quite possible re:UFC fighting, but he would still make a bundle if he could fight for Showtime.

more importantly, with Showtime, I think he has greater control over who he fights as their new marquee guy.

I don't know Frank, I've never trained with him, but I wonder if he is in any way insecure about being the former champion coming back to the elite level in a still rapidly evolving and growing sport almost 6 years later.

even just psychologically, taking a loss when you're ex-UFC champ, former #1, would not be fun.

the athletes now have better and longer training, are more "naturally" athletic on average, and people understand conditioning better now.

Frank is "naturally" athletic, but he was a late starter.

He never wrestled up to D1, never did Judo/Sambo/BJJ at a good level, and never did KB or Boxing when he was a teenager or child.

Frank beat Tito on the back of Frank's extremely high level of conditioning given the sport at the time.

I don't know that there are any major magic tricks Frank can pull out with conditioning anymore to give him an edge like he had. The science is out there for those who will bust their ass, and anyone who doesn't do that before fighting Frank is not too bright.

if he fights Baroni, either before or after the Renzo fight, I think he will silence all those doubts.

It's a moot point. Frank just signed a multi-million dollar contract with The World Fighter.

Millions? I think you mean how many 2k bonus packages.

The Shamrock Brothers were very troubled youths when Bob Shamrock took them in. They probably would be dead by now if it wasn't for Bob Shamrock.

I think these brothers are continually battling the demons in their minds. Ken was a pretty decent athlete and had a few good fights. I really give him credit for stepping in the ocatgon for UFC 1, that takes balls. Too bad he never took the time to learn more bjj. I think he could have been more like Couture instead of Baroni if he could have handled his demons.

Frank is in the same boat. He seems to be pretty sensitive to abandonment issues. I think he had even more skill than Ken. He was a good fighter before the fighters became good. If he wants to be a legendary fighter, I would like to see him against Chuck, Shogun, either Silva, Franklin, or even Tito again.

I give the Shamrocks credit for surviving a life most of us don't know, I love to hate them and wish them the best of luck with their personal demons.

Following Franks' career I have noticed two things. How truly gifted he is in the ring/octagon, and how desperately he wants to be in charge of how things are handled. At the time he was at his most famous (vs. Tito) he had certain demands regarding the ownership to his name, who he fought, where he fought, at what weight he fought, how much he fought for, and if he had a piece of the company!! The UFC were right to drop him. No one is bigger than the sport. He acted like some Hollywood superstar that only agrees to be in a movie if he has a personal trailer, chef, entourage, and script approval.

I love Frank Shamrock and cherish the memories he has given me, but Fuck him. U still see guys like Liddell and Matt and whoever still keep ego out of competiton. Tito's ass is lucky to be back. He had Frankitis and it cost him a couple of years. Now all he is - is Chucks' next victim. AND WHEN CHUCK WINS all he's gonna say is "Whoever the UFC puts in front of me, I'm gonna fight."

It's not being company man as much as it is knowing what side to be on. Frank Shamrock will never get what he wants because he will only be happy if he owns his own show and calls the shots. Ego is a bitch and he has ripped off all of his fans because he had to have a pissing match w/ Dana.

Guess what? DANA WON. I know Frank just signed for alot of money, but, we'll see where that company is in a couple of years compared to the UFC.

He fucked himself.

As good as he is/was it's the name Shamrock that still puts asses in the seats. Most people believe that Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock are the two toughest fighters in that bare knockle no rules stuff.

Frank does care about himself. He has a bit of self respect. Not a bad thing. Just like any other business, you choose who you work with. If you aren't working with good people, you want a change. He will never afraid to walk away rather than fight under a promoter's thumb.

And believe it or not, the UFC split was over a simpler issue than many think. Less to do with negotiations than many would believe.

none if this really matters since Frank will never actually ever fight again

Frank needs to shit or get off the pot,guy talks way too much and fights way too little.

I am pretty sure the Renzo Gracie thing is on especially since it is going to be on Showtime.

Strikeforce would be crazy not to have their "champion" fight on Showtime.. this would bring even more people to the Strikeforce show when Frank does fight Baroni.

Frank will regret feuding................. with Baroni when hes on the canvas looking up at Phil and Phil's celebrating another win and the destruction of a "legend".

TUF 7 or whatever coaches Frank Shamrock and Anderson Silva/Phil Baroni/Dan Henderson etc plenty of potential there. Franks the greatest he just needs to prove it.

He should have begun to regret it a few years ago, should really regret it now that the sport is taking off. He could be a major part of an exploding sport instead of a page in it's history. I'd be pissed at myself if I was in his shoes.