Will GSP be the last of the tight shorters?

Or will he get himself some fucking fightshorts!

*OK, yeah yeah yeah, he can what he damned well pleases!

he's over dressed imo

 Fight naked or go home.

Turkish loin with oil. IMO.

Honestly, I hope not. I think board shorts look ridiculous.

Monsters Ball - 
Squared Circle -  Fight naked or go home.

The RNC would disappear from MMA because nobody will give up their back any more.

well, some would

Anderson Silva.

Fedor, Silva, GSP - All wear the tight stuff... Why? Because, they are not american.

Its a cultural thing. European men feel comfortable wearing speedos, and redicules outfits in public. But, its ok because the women dont wear anything in public.

My wife sure as shit hopes not. She loves the shorts.