Will GTA: San Andreas be Multi...

Will the most dominant franchise in console gaming be multi-platform? Or will it be a PS2 exclusive? Is there any details regarding this issue yet?

Ps2 exclusive, but with a later release on Xbox.

My mistake, I thought the Xbox release was confirmed for a year later but I realize that's just speculation at this point.

Loadtime and graphics argument in 3...2...

Man, I was hoping you was gonna say Multi-player online. :-(

Same as Beezulbubba. Dammit, you got my hopes up there.

I imagine Evercrack would go the way of the dinosaur.

There is a very early beta of a multiplayer version of VC for the PC. It's very basic but it does work. Multitheft Auto. www.mtavc.com

They are working on a online GTA, but the pres of Rockstar said until they have it as near perfect as possible, the shit is NOT coming out anytime soon. They made GTA III without all the stuff they wanted (and put in Vice City) and said they will NOT do that again.

I don't think I understand Hunter V.

Are you saying that they intended to put in the bikes and what not in GTA 3 but didn't and just put them in VC? If so, why would they not put items in SA that they didn't in VC?

i think thats the point dude. Each version is going to have features previous ones did not.

I don't really see what else they could add other than multiplayer or more indoor locations.

In fact if they don't introduce either of those, VC will be a VERY hard game to improve on.

Heavy, they wanted the physics correct for things like the bikes and boats in VC. This was all SUPPOSED to be in GTA III, but they got rushed. So they stripped those elements out and shipped that game off as they had to rush to make deadline. So, everything they couldn't do in GTA III (because of time constraints) they then put in Vice City. The pres of Rockstar said they aren't doing that again, and they aren't shipping a game till they are COMPLETELY Ok with the way it is. So, the online GTA is prob a long ways away from reaching us, as he said they were working on it but don't expect to see it till it until it has everything they want/expect.

Wow, PS2 has so many DOMINANT exclusives it's unbelievable.