Will Haven - Carpe Diem


I know some of you gents are into the heavy stuff. These guys were ahead of their time and done before anyone noticed. Sit back, relax, steam a blunt and get down to this. 

I will fuck you until you know what underrated heavy means 

The angriest band ever. They ate guys like Henry Rollins for a snack 


Like Carpe Diem a lot. First heard the singer on the Soulfly song "Pain" with Chino. Found it funny to see him in the video. Cool stuff man, thanks for reminding me about this song.

I'm just gonna turn this into my music thread. I've been into a lot of odd bands and music over the years, somebody new to it might find something they like. 

Crazy story about this cd. I used to do shrooms back in the day. When I started to 

feel it get too intense this was the only cd or music that would get it under control. 

I bring the late night ruggedness. I hate this band but this is a good song 


Another of the cheesy band/good song variety 

This one hits close to home. My old band played a few shows with these guys just as they were starting out. 


My current favorite band. I could post 10 equally good songs. These guys are great. 


Ol reliable. If the breakdown at the end of this song doesn't make you wanna footstomop kittens, nothing will 


I must have seen these guys 10-15 times. I didnt think they were great but when they played this song I cleared shit out son! 


Ha! No problem Gary. Most of this stuff is from my youth, that gives me the same feelings 

garythekid -
lordbreakdown -

I will fuck you until you know what underrated heavy means 

I feel like me, you, and maybe one or two other OGrs will know and be able to enjoy the brilliance of Botch. 

One other dude, garrote I know is into them. Great fucking band way ahead of their time 

This is for all the potheads out there. If you're not stoned skip it. If you are, play it in the background while you're doing something. Thank me when you wake from your coma 


Yeah man me too. I'm not sure if it's something that I just am nostalgic about or it's just the pains of getting older but I feel like the scene and things were so much different, and as you said intimate then. I remember the first hardcore show I saw that had more than a thousand people there. You could tell everyone felt like they were apart of something that haswn't happened before. Everyone was on their best behavior. Zero fights. You don't see that anymore. People are always looking to make a good YouTube flick. 

There were so many good clubs back then. Coney Island, castle heights, abc no rio. My generation looked at cbgb's like it was a commercial joke. ABC was our cb's. The pipeline, studio 1, cricket club, connections in jersey.. the caves in staten island. Those places were a huge part of me while growing up. Club Chrome, encore, red devil, screwey louies, the list goes on 

These guys were rugged as fuck 


For all the will haven fans. This is another band some of the guys were part of. This shit is rugged 


This album still holds up. Fuck the haters. It's the big 5 with these guys. Guitar players don't write like this anymore.