Will Hughes LnP a Decision over Alves?

When Hughes gets in trouble, he tries to win a Lay N' Pray a decision. Will Hughes try to Lay N' Pray a decision over Alves, cuz i think that's the only way Hughes wins over Alves.

What do you guys think?

this is what im afraid of..i dont see him beating ALves in any other way..

When was the last time Hughes lay'n'prayed in any fight. Definitely not against Lytle or Charuto.

 yeah he beat lytle pretty brutally imo

Alves is not at that level. He will compete in the first round and may even win the first round. He will loose to TKO or sub in the second.

I was thinking the same thing when they announced this fight.


I hope it is Alves by KO...but I'm afraid this may happen.

Alves is tough, but young. Hughes by stoppage in the 2nd.

He will TKO Alves much like Fitch did. Hughes is a better MMA wrestler and GnP'er than Fitch.

 42 wins, 14TKO, 19 Submission, 9 by Decision.

But he couldn't finish Chris Lytle (a guy who has never been finished other than two  cuts - one when Hughes fought him) and suddenly he can only win by Lay and Pray.




 I think it depends on which Hughes shows up. If the "Original Version" that takes people down and mauls them shows up, it's a short night for Alves. If the "New and Improved" "I want to knock people out" version shows up it'll likely be a short night for Matt.

While I think Hughes wins this fight, I also think he must stick to his roots. He needs this fight on the ground and on top. If he tries to stand with Alves for any length of time I think he runs the risk of being KO'd.

One other thing to consider will be size. I've never met either man in person so it's hard for me to judge just by seeing them on TV. That said, on the big screen Alves looks to be the larger man, this could pose problems for Hughes as he has relied on his strength and size in the past.

Should be a great fight. Alves has got to be breaming with confidence after the Karo fight.

if Alves can stuff the takedowns (which I'm sure he will be training for!!) he will KO Hughes in the 2nd or 3rd

I hate to sound like a jerk...but I'm kinda curious how important this fight is to Matt, lets face it he probably won't get another shot at GSP, he gets a shot at Serra automatically next. Makes me wonder.