Will i compete in the adcc trials?

I would really like to know the answer to this question. I am here on a temporary resident visa, while attempting to get permenant residency. I would like to compete at the trials, but have yet to hear from anyone if I will be allowed.

Help me if you can I'm feeling down

won't you please please help me

damn I'm old

the rev

rev, i though you could speak to someone who had all the answers??

i am starting to loose faith, doh i never had any

cool, so all the training and dieting is not for nothing.

the rev

Hey rev,

I would contact Larry at Boxing Works...
the contact details are here:


Would be awesome to see the Rev in there.. He could do some real damage..

ttt for the rev

Wont you please, pleeeeeeeee eeease hee ee ee elp



I already did, no reply

I will try again however

the rev

I see where you're coming from. Can you as a non-Australalasian resident compete and represent the area in the upcoming ADCC.

If you can't get through to Larry, try John Donahue. He works with ADCC and also runs the events here.


Actually that is the issue, but I am an australian resident, just not a citizen. And I am cutting weight so as not to steal Anthony or your spot :)

the rev

btw thought you might want to see my puppy

looks like the official word is no, I will not be competing.

I am looking into some other avenues, but as of now, it looks like I will miss the trials.

But atleast my dog is better looking than Elvis'

the rev

So is the official word that you must be a citizen to compete? Or are you not going to compete for another reason? If so, that would mean there a few others out there that wouldn't be able to compete as well.

Look, you've got a beautiful dog, but don't get carried away comparing it to my fine bitch! How old is the pup? What's it's name? Boy or Girl?


The official word is that you have to be an Australian, or a New Zealand citizen. I am seeing if I can get a pass from the prince but I doubt it.

Winston is about four months old, he will get much bigger I imagine.

And ofcourse nothing I have will ever be as good as what you have elvis, I mean, You're the king.

the rev

Now Rev, I am the King, you're right there. It's just that I can't help but defend Daisy, she's my baby and no-one else is gonna convince me that any other dog is better. Plus, Winston (cool name by the way) has a Dudley nose and we all know that according to the show rules that's not acceptable... ;)

So is Winston an Amstaff or a Pit? How heavy is Winston at the moment? Daisy is just over 18 months and now weighs 32kg (for the last couple of months) which is 70lbs. Not bad for a girl hey... :)


Winston is an English Staffy, so he won't get very tall, just real muscley not at all like you :)

Well I guess I'll see you at the Pan Pacs huh? Got any brown belts for me to fight with?

the rev

Cool stuff. Winston seems cool, even if he is owned by you. :)

Sadly we've got no Browns at the moment. Though I know the other academies do so hopefully they'll come down and compete. We'll see you down there.