Will Joe Rogan be @ UFC 51?

Anybody know if Joe rogan will commentate for ufc 51 because I attended ufc 50 and the chick was horrible!!!!!!

I believe Rogan only missed the last UFC because he was on location taping a multiple week episode of Fear Factor.

He posted here on the UG that he would be at the next UFC.

I'll be there :)

Stoked. At the risk of sounding gay. All my bros made a point to say how it just wasnt as good with out you.

Will you go out with me now?

Thanks, and no thanks :)

Totally unrelated to your appearance at the next UFC (which I am grateful for, as it didn't seem quite the same), but do you think that jens has a decent chance against Gomi in the Pride coming up for New Year's? i think that this could be the fight of the year potentially, and this is coming from a hardcore UFC fan who is never nearly as excited to see Pride as the UFC.

I think Jens has an excellent chance.
Gomi is very good, but Jen's strengths are his stand up and his
wrestling and take down defense.
Gomi isn't really a submission wizard, and I give the stand up edge to
Jens, so I think he's got an excellent chance.

Of course in fighting, you never know...

Either way, I'm a fan of both fighters, and I can't wait to watch it.

Joe is a great announcer. he brings the excitement of
us common fans as well as knowledge of a whole range
of fighters, especially new faces who many have not
seen...plus he brings up alot of the questions and
insights of the UG to the PPV. ttt for Joe

good to see you back!


The greatest thing about Rogans announcing is he is a fan of the sport.You can hear it in his announcing when he gets excited or even when he screws up.It's a genuine love for the sport and not some fabricated emotions from a robot announcer.

Keep up the good work Joe and we missed ya at the last UFC.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it :)

If I could be a perfect person, my name would be Joe Rogan. Alas, it is impossible for two perfect beings to walk this Earth so I can only strive to be 1/2 as great. Joe, you are amazing. Joe, you are wonderful. Joe, you are....perfect.

ttt fear factor

hey hermes are u having a rematch with yves in the semis?

ttt for my lovely little poem

1)I am glad to see Joe Rogan back at the mic for UFC.

2)I think he owes me 20 bucks. In his last UFC appearance I yelled at the TV that what Joe was saying was wrong and I bet him 20 bucks it was. Hence, I think he now owes me 20 bucks.

However, if he comes back for UFC 51, I will forgive him.

UFC should have Joe Rogan and Frank Mir do the commentary for all future events, IMO.

I like Rogan on the mic. Not Mir though. Nice guy but he needs to stick to fighting. Couture is good though.

I believe that Joe is a Commentator, Bruce Buffer is the announcer =p

fear factor is how rogan eat!