Will Joe Rogan be @ UFC 51?

Mir was great. Rogan is great.

TTT for a Rogan/Mir comentating team!

I think Rogan and Osborne would be a good team
with good balance.

Dougie, what did I get wrong?

I'm glad Joe Rogan will be at UFC 51.  Joe Rogan is good for the sport!

Gary Hughes

Ok. I admit it Joe. You didn't do anything wrong. I just wanted $20.00 bucks from you.


Forgive me?

If you catch me at the UFC I'll give you the $20 just for being honest :)

But wait... how will I know it's really you? I don't want to give a
dishonest person $20 for you being honest...

quite the predicament....


Joe Rogan = 100% pimp.

Joe, if you ever meet me at a UFC...you'll know it's me. Trust me. LOL!

yes you will never forget doug... hes a Ligra... half man half tiger... and happens to be Napoleon Dynamites favoritest animal ever