Will Jon Gruden be fired for his emails from 2011?

Where is the email he wrote about Mark Davis’s haircut? Fans want to know!


That’s the way most guys talk, but it’s pretty stupid to put that stuff in work emails. Must have been a lot of people doing it so he thought it was okay.

They’re work emails and the whole WFT is being investigated for misconduct among other things.

They could have all talked about this over throwaway Gmail accounts and they’d be fine. You’d need a warrant to search those. If your work provides you an email it’s in your contract they can go through it. It’s all company record. Anything you send from it is representative of the company.

They should hire Dave Chappelle to coach

The nfl just hired Eminem dr Dre and snoop dogg to do the halftime show. They have said much worse things than Jon Gruden


Why would he write that shit in a work email? Pretty fucking gay, retarded and only a pussy would do it.

Because we are men, we do dumb shit in the moment

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Well I can’t argue with that

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