Will Jon Jones carry Vitor a couple rounds?

Or will he attempt to hellbow him in the first?

I think Jones will have a shut the critics up mentality Phone Post

He will come into the match pissed and perform some mounted Hellbows on Vitor inside of 2 minutes. Then Joe will go to interview him and Jon will snatch the microphone out of Rogan's hand and slam it into the ground as hard as he can without saying a word before exiting the octagon.

Embrace the heel, Jon - Embrace the heel!


I agree he's gonna come in looking to finish fast and that may be vitor's only chance of finding an opening. Phone Post

Dong Johnson -  Jon Jones is going to use Vitor as a practice dummy to take out all of his frustrations in front of the millions that humiliated him.

I suspect the nation will be weeping over Vitor while they witness what Jon does to his face via raining Hellbows.

It'll be like Cain vs. Bigfoot... but worse.

Nike should produce a shirt that is all white with red writing that says "Witness" with a swoosh underneath and blood spattered all over the front of it. It would sell like crazy after the 22nd.

Definitely finishes by the second if he's going to do it. Rashad only lasted as long as he did because his style is more elusive and wrestling based.

Vitor is going to strike and is either gonna KO Jones or get thrown to the ground and hellbowed.

If this is the last fight on Jon's current contract that could prove disastrous for the UFC. He could shout "Fnck Dana White!" into the microphone and ride off into the sunset. The UFC would then have to pay him that Anderson Silva Money to get him to stay with the organization and the crowd would be in a frenzy.

Vitor is a dangerous guy to carry. Every fighter is an inch away from being finished by Belfort. That's why Anderson didn't fuck around with him like he did with his other Brazilian opponents.

Nah, Jon aint gonna treat Vitor like he treated Rashad. Jon will go in for the kill ASAP.

I wish like hell Jon would tell everyone involved with Zuffa and MMA to deep throat his...

Round 2 at least, he will Gameplan to wait out the early flurry. Phone Post

I think jbj will win this fight.

But dint count vitor out for a second. There's a ton of emotional and mental baggage jibes is going through. He might nit he the same fighter we have seen un the past Phone Post