Will Jones losing be sad

Let me start of by saying I'm a bit drunk, so if i type this like a dumb asshole... My apologizes... But anyway, would Jon Jones losing be a sad day for mma?... I see so much hate for Jones, and though i know there are A LOT of people who can't wait to see him lose, but if he does, would all those people at the same time, be sad to see that happen, especially if he loses violently?... I remember people couldn't wait for Anderson Silva to lose, fedor, Brock Lesnar... But when it finally happened, and people fully realized what happened... A bit of a sadness kind of dawned on everyone... Like, this dominate unstoppable guy (who we all want to see, subconsciously),finally lost... Like a changing of the guard... And whether we want to admit it or not, change is scary... So what say you UG... So you think Jones losing would be a sad day for the LHW division and mma in general? Phone Post 3.0

The UG - Fuck 'em. Phone Post 3.0

nah he's young he'll be back.

I always thought Jones was amazing.

2 min of watching Cormier videos and I want Cormier to win.
He seems like a real good guy?

Still....being a good guy don't count for shit in the octogon....gonna be an interesting fight.

I'd be devestated if jones lost.

Guy has been a great champ.

Saying that I don't see him losing this fight Phone Post 3.0

I'll be sad

I think Jones is the greatest fighter in history. Its hard to argue against it. I enjoy watching him fight and it is something special everytime he steps in that cage.

BUT, Imo, I don't believe Jones is mature enough to carry himself like a true champion. I think a loss is exactly what he needs to be that much greater. A loss will make him realize he's not invincible, and when a man is faced with his own morality it Changes him.

I'm rooting for d.c. I'm a big fan of DC as a person and as a fighter. But on the other hand I'm a fan of Jones as a fighter, but as a person his character is deplorable. I find him to be arrogant, immature, rude, disrespectful, dishonest and as DC puts it "a whole bunch of other things he shouldn't be proud of being".

A loss will humble him and humanize him. A true champion knows what losing feels like. That's what makes you a champion. And I think Jon could benefit personally, and spiritually from being separated from his concioisness for a moment. Phone Post 3.0

immediate rematch if he does

NHBDaddy - immediate rematch if he does
No doubt about it Phone Post 3.0

I'll cry,