Will LA pick up..

Valde Divac from the Queens to help fill in the center? I've been reading that he wants to play in LA..So what do u think??..I know its not Shaq but at least it helps somewhat..lol

As a Kings fan I'd prefer to keep Vlade- but it damn sure wouldn't be a big-ass deal if he left, even to LA. He's at the point in his career where he can really only contribute in VERY small doses.

Where have you been reading that, the LA times?? lol

Fuck, just read it in the Sac bee. This sucks, if he goes to LA I'll be bummed out, but at least it'll be fun watching you Laker turds switch up from talking shit about him to cheering him on, you hoes. ;) If we have to lose him hopefully it's to Phoenix, but that wouldn't be likely.

Oh well, I'll miss his antics, we're gonna be hurtin on a backup center.

Shit, I'll have to change my screen name. Peja Power?? lol, I dunno about that.

lol, nah, mabye something like "Webber's gimpy knee"

I dont want Vlade to be back in LA. Remember that he was a Laker before. They traded his floppy ass 4 Kobe and it all worked out just fine, didnt it Floppy?

Even tho he'll help the Center postion with Brian Grant. I would rather have him, than have Brian Cook as backup for my center!

Boo yah!! GO lkaers (false hope speaking)

Kobe shouldve gone to the freakin CLippers!

CLIPPERS are #1!

I've been reading that the Lakeshow is looking to get Eric Dampier right now. If they can't land him, Vlade is their second choice. Gonna be interesting!!

Well I hope they get Dampier then, cause I don't wanna lose the best passing bigman in the league and I definitely don't wanna listen to you fuckers talk shit about my boy becoming a Laker again. lol

I can't see to many ways for LA to land Dampier.

The lakers dont have the cap room to pick up Dampier


Vlade will be a Laker this season. Sorry floppy, this prolly hurts you worse than nash leaving dallas hurt me.

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I won't believe its a possibility until I start hearing more about it on tv. lol

Apparently Keon Clark is another option but chances are Vlade will be back

Yup, you fucks got him, you spoiled turds don't even understand how much YOU need HIM. lol,fuck.


LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....This is the greatest day in Basketball!!!..not that we would win with Vlade..but the utter destruction of the name "floppy Divac"!!!!!..

Thanks LA for making me happy today!!...Go Vlade and LA!!!LOL!

lol, you fuckface!!!!!

Floppy you piece of shit lakerlover.