will larson dethrone condit?

the man's only loss is to jon fitch. condit has handled good wrestlers in trigg just fine, even tho trigg got him down easily. condit is one of my favorite fighers, but i see him having serious trouble with larson. larson has heavy hands, and good wrestling, and also looks to be a big WW.

who's everyone got in this fight?

i'm going with condit by triangle in the 3rd, but i'm a little biased.


Larson by whatever he so choses.....


if i were to put money it would be on larson. he seems unstoppable in the wec.

Larson wins the belt.

Condit is the more talented fighter, but the more talented guy doesn't always win. sometimes a guy can win with strength alone allowing him to use the less skilled wrestling game to overcome his lesser talents. sometimes the more boring, lesser skilled fighter like Larson can win a lay and pray decision. that could happen here.

Larson all the way