Will Leben go to WEC?

Personally, I always found him an interesting fighter that comes to throw down every time. That's why I was surprised that so many fans booed him after his last fight?? Leben got caught in that choke and didn't even tap, that's pretty damn tough to do if you ask me, but still he got booed? That I didn't get.

Obviously, Leben needs to round out his game alittle more. He doesn't want to be one of those 'punchers chance' or 'gatekeeper' kind of fighters. He is falling down the UFC 185 ladder, and clearly the recent losses and the fan disrespect should be a sign that maybe he should go to the WEC and build himself up again.

If the UFC gives him another fight, I say set up

Chris Leben vs Charles McCarthy!

There's no reason for Leben to go to the WEC, he's still one of the most marketable middleweights in the UFC.

the audience is full of idiots. leben comes to fight and brings it. he doesn't pussy around and knows what his job is.

Chris Leben vacated the WEC World Middleweight belt when he was there.

I don't think Leben is going anywhere. He lost to the champ and had a great fight with a very tough Jason MacDonald until he finally got caught with the choke. I don't see him being the UFC champ because he just doesn't have the skills, but he does have enough skill, heart, and determination to keep him in the thick of the middleweight division.

They should do Franklin vs Swick @ UFC 68. Winner gets Anderson, loser
gets Leben.

"Will Leben go to WEC? "

NO. but thats where he belongs

Leben in the WEC? When do I get my shot?