Will Mack Brown resign /step down today?

Meeting today with AD and President of UT.

My guess is yes. What say you OG? Phone Post 3.0

Hopefully... It's not like he really made a difference. Vince Young was just winging it when they won a title. Phone Post 3.0

Who would replace him? I think Saban might as he has yet to sign the extension with Bama yet..... Phone Post 3.0

If yes, I wonder what UT pays him?

I've heard from different reports ten years for ten million annually. So a 100 million contract or close.

UT can pay whatever they want and then some Phone Post 3.0

no way saban goes... he's just milking his extension and giving the most entitled fans in college football something to ponder: life without saban...

sawdusk - no way saban goes... he's just milking his extension and giving the most entitled fans in college football something to ponder: life without saban...
True, but he has left many teams before. Look at his history. Phone Post 3.0

HernanCortes - I've heard from different reports ten years for ten million annually. So a 100 million contract or close.

UT can pay whatever they want and then some Phone Post 3.0

Sorry, I wasn't clear, I meant Mack's buyout. Looks like it is 2.75

HernanCortes - 
sawdusk - no way saban goes... he's just milking his extension and giving the most entitled fans in college football something to ponder: life without saban...
True, but he has left many teams before. Look at his history. Phone Post 3.0

this is correct... I'm a big saban fan and his repeated public regret over the way he handled the miami fiasco came across to me as an honest humility...

he's recently said he's staying in bama (told AJ as well), his wife has said they are staying... if he does it again, then he just loses all credibility... I just don't see it happening... but who knows...

HernanCortes - I've heard from different reports ten years for ten million annually. So a 100 million contract or close.

UT can pay whatever they want and then some Phone Post 3.0
Ive heard 8 year 85 million offer to saban Phone Post 3.0

Why is Saban worth that much money? His in state rival is playing in their 2nd NC in 4 years, they've won just as many SEC titles in that same span, and his defenses look lost against good spread HUNH teams. I think Saban has fooled people into thinking he's Vince Lombardi when he's really just Barry Switzer. 

Phone Post 3.0

Here is why Saban is leaving.  http://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/p/46873668/Saban-20-mill-in-hole-due-to-bad-real-estate-investments-w-LSU-and-Bama-alums.aspx

CENTENNIAL - There were two people injured during an incident at Arapahoe High School in the 2200 block of East Dry Creek Road in Centennial.

Police are calling it an "active shooter situation."

No one is in custody at this time.

The identity of the victims is not being released at this time.

Arapahoe High School is a part of Littleton Public Schools. There are 70 different classrooms in the high school which covers a 254,000-square-foot area. There are 2,229 students that attend the high school. The school was built in 1964.

9NEWS is rushing a crew to the scene and will post more details as soon as they become available. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, watching that on CNN. Hopefully they catch the shooter fast as two have already been injured.

As for Saban he has done for so much for Bama, and from what I understand he loves a new challenge. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah that posted here for some reason Phone Post 3.0

Saban's new deal was first reported by ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit on Friday night.

Saban, who has recently been rumored as a candidate to replace Mack Brown at Texas, is already the highest paid coach in college football at $5.62 million per year after signing an extension in March that kept him under contract through 2020. 

Alabama didn't release terms of the new deal, which must be approved by the board of trustees. The Tuscaloosa News reported the new deal will raise Saban's salary to between $7 and $7.5 million per year and further extend the length of the deal.

On multiple occasions, Saban has denied interest in the expected vacancy at Texas, repeatedly telling reporters he's happy with his life in Tuscaloosa and "too damn old" to go anywhere else.

"I'm not really at the stage of my career where I'm looking for some other big sort of challenge," Saban said in late October, though his attempt to quash the rumors of his departure ultimately proved unsuccessful. "We've got enough challenges right here to try to work with the players we recruited and try to continue to have a successful program for their personal, academic and athletic success."

The 62-year-old coach has spent seven seasons at Alabama, by far the longest tenure at any one place in his career. He lasted five seasons at LSU before moving on to the NFL with theMiami Dolphins.

Since returning to the college game with the Tide, he's won three national championships and put together a combined record of 79-14. On Jan. 2, Saban will lead Alabama against Oklahoma in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

Saban's new deal comes on the heels of several SEC coaches receiving new contracts. Auburn's Gus Malzahn recently agreed to a six-year extension that will pay him $3.85 million in the first year with a $250,000 raise each year after. And Ole Miss' Hugh Freeze just received an extension that raised his salary to $3 million per year.

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron said Thursday that the coach told him he's staying in Tuscaloosa.

"I messed with Coach, [saying] he's getting too old to start up again somewhere else," McCarron said on ESPN's "College Football Daily" from Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. "He told me he's not leaving. And I know Miss Terry [Saban's wife] well enough; she runs that house. And she's not allowing Coach to leave either. I think he'll be at the University of Alabama for a little while."

Now who will be the UT coach. Shaw from Stanford is pretty good imo. Phone Post 3.0

Shaw, Jim Harbaugh, and Mike Tomlin have all been mentioned by the guy who broke the original story about mac "retiring" Phone Post

Seriously: ESPN has yet to get a single human being on the record. Can't stress that enough. The only person in the whole Mack Brown/Nick Saban "news story" to say anything publicly has been AJ McCarron, and it looks like Saban just used this stupid story to extort a raise out of Alabama.

Thankfully for you guys this will be my one rant about this fucking topic:

Mack Brown has underachieved at UT, it is not even the best or second-best program in the state of Texas anymore, both A&M and Baylor have better results. Football is a results based business. For a school that has always had the best resources ($$$) in the state, this is unacceptable. Mack makes around $5M per year, he is paid like one of the best coaches in the country, is it too much to ask for to at least be the best in your conference more than 2 times in 16 years?

Lots of people forget that firemackbrown.com started up way back in the early 2000s before he was fortunate to land a transcendent player like VY that saved his ass and then Colt that saved his ass again. I hope Mack Brown is paying residuals to Vince and potentially Colt for extending his career to this point.

Vince was so fucking good that he overcame annual the Mack Brown-Greg Davis fuckery. Colt was also transcendent and I still believe that had he not gotten hurt UT wins the 2009 game against Bama and delay the SEC onslaught by a year. Mack Brown even admitted that UT had a turning point in the 2005 season when he and Greg Davis took a step back and let Vince play football.

Yeah yeah, he averaged almost 10 games a year, against who exactly? Kansas mainly and half if not 3/4s of the Big 12 was and is a joke. UT seems to be part of that joke now.

The quarterback problem is a consistent one for Mack unless he has a transcendent player like Colt or VY, he screwed over Major Applewhite and started Chrissy Simms. Simms, who was a great QB in his own right,  was no Major Applewhite that year he had 3 ints and a lost fumble against Colorado in the Big 12 title game in the first half! Applewhite then started the second half almost led UT to what would've been a pretty amazing comeback, they lose 39-37 and miss out on going to a National Title game against an incredible Miami team that likely would've pushed IT's shit in. Count your blessings on this one I guess :)

Recruits: Mack keeps scaring off QB recruits and they keep transferring over the last 5 years: Connor Wood, Connor Brewer, Garrett Gilbert, Jevan Snead it remains to be seen if the Connor's develop into good Qbs but his inability to retain backups has burned him since 2009 when he had to start a true frshman in the national title game against Bama, and then he was forced to start David Ash when Gilbert transferred. Maybe if he lete his backups play more, especially in blowouts, they would quit transferring. I think if a player wants to transfer they should, but I blame Mack for not keeping them happy.

Rebuilding: Mack had been pointing to this year, 2013, as their year and had been saying for the 3 years prior that they were rebuilding and this would be 'the year'. Ole Miss beatdown, BYU is still running the football, OSU steamrolled them, then the 54 yrd passing performance against Baylor for the Big 12 title? it's laughable.

Personnel: What other coach gets to turn over his staff twice in 4 years? OC Greg Davis got fired, then Applewhite was hired, then Harsin was hired as co-OC, WTF? DC Muschamp who replaced 2 co DCs in 2008 left for Florida so Diaz was hired as DC in 2011 then fired after BYU game in 2013. If Mack had any suspicion that Diaz was not the right guy he should've sorted it out in the off-season. He now has no one to blame but himself.

This year, he burned Tyrone Swoopes' redshirt by playing him for maybe10 minutes in 2 blow outs, wtf? Guess what? You wouldn't need to burn your true freshman redshirts if you had other backups to play Mack.


Some things Mack has done well and I really respect him for:

-he has never, to my recollection, thrown the players under the bus.

-He lets players transfer and doesn't penalize them like Gundy at OSU or Stoops.

-He has until the last few days been a great ambassador in PR for UT. I think that feels like since Joe Jamail (huge Billionaire UT booster and lawyer) is his lawyer as well that he can do whatever he wants. It's unfortunate because at this point I think he is hurting his UT legacy, he can kiss that statue outside the stadium next to Royal's goodbye.

For me, Mack hasn't earned the right to leave on his own terms at this point. He can go work somewhere else, I sure he would be highly revered and welcomed at many other schools for less money, but he has alienated a good portion of the fanbase at UT for a while. I feel like Mack will still retire but he will delay it until after they get whipped by oregon. FWIW, I would rather see Mack Brown keep winning, even if it means that he stays, because I want to see UT win as much as possible.

For all of you fans who dont understand: if you pay someone like they are in the top 5 in the country at their job, would'nt you expect top 5 results? if after a period of time, not just 1 year but a number of years on separate occasions, they dont meet that isn't it time to make a change?


FRAT: Mack Brown is paid way too much for the results he is delivering, the coach-speak, the recruits leaving and the personnel misses.

I dont expect Saban results, but i do expect more than what Mack Brown has given UT fans. In the end, it's stiall business and I guess as long as he is delivering the most revenue, he will stick around.