Will Matt Brown hit a wall with Jordan Mein?

Matt Brown is on a hot streak but Jordan Mein's is a little hotter. Matt's a cool dude, super scrappy. Shame he has to be the Chris Leben to Jordan Mein's Anderson Silva-like meteoric rise.

Woulda rather it been Koscheck, but I'm not complaining. Phone Post

Calling all Jordan Mein supporters. Can brown thwart the great white hype? Phone Post

I think Mein will win, but as you said - Matt's a scrappy guy. I expect Brown to make a fight of it, but if Mein blasts him like he did Miller then I'll be seriously impressed with the kid.

The fans.

...I mean i see Jordan taking this by strength of his superior hands.

I can see Brown winning or losing by ko or he could pull off a sub. Tough fight for both guys. Phone Post

looks like a solid fucking scrap to me

Hmm tough fight to call. I could definitely see Mein beating Brown up on the feet but Brown is a scrappy motherfucker and he seems as determined as ever. I wont be surprised with either guy winning but I'm gonna go ahead and predict Mein

i will be picking Mein come fight night.

Poopyface TomatoNose - Calling all Jordan Mein supporters. Can brown thwart the great white hype? Phone Post
Hell no he can't!

I got to talk to this gentleman at the airport In Montreal after the miller fight., I had to do a double take and there he was lounging to the max waiting to board the plane.

I have a feeling this guys got a bright future Phone Post 3.0

Also, does anyone know if Roxanne Modafari or Bec Hyatt tried out? Phone Post

Doh! Someone needs to fix Rhoda glitch off posting a reply to the lady thread you posted in when currently trying to reply to a thread you just made. Phone Post

Brown has made a believer out of me. So much heart. I'll never count him out of a fight.

War Brown! Phone Post 3.0

Mein will win but Brown is a tough mfer!

WhoShotYushinOkami -

Mein will win but Brown is a tough mfer!

This x100 Phone Post

Of course he can Phone Post 3.0

That made no sense. I forgot the question. I think Matt can definitely beat Mein Kampf Phone Post 3.0

I could see Brown giving Mein some trouble in the early going, but once Mein finds his range, Brown is toast.  Fan of both fighters, just looking for a fun scrap

I can see him hitting Mein's face. A LOT.

Can't wait for this fight.

Brown never gives up.... I'm thinking this will be FOTN.

Brown has won me over with his toughness. If Jordan does win he will have to bring his A game.