Will Matt win tuff or will ED?

Tito must have seen something in Matt when it shows highlights and footage of matt training with mike B Matt is always beating him so Id say Matt vs ED in the final.

who will win

They are not even in the same weight class. Are you actually watching the show? :)

i like Kalib to win it all

Rory, great job beating Soloman, nice knee to his head

congrats man

ya kalib is fucking awesome

nice job rory

I forgot there different weight I say Matt wins for sure.

im with 5 pointer

i think a Bisping/Hamill final, which i honestly think Bisping would win


Kalib vs Ed, which could go either way, but i think Kalib will prevail

the middleweights i would go with kalib vs.ed in the finals. that sounds about right. the winner i would roll with ed

Ed vs Kendall, with Ed winning.

Bisping vs Matt with Bisping winning.

Ed has fought better competition than Kalib, correct?

i like kalib, and he's good, but in terms of competition and records who is the favorite?

legit question, not starting a debate...



bloody bisping haha. but i think kalib is a very strong fighter as well.

Ed Herman and Mike Bisping will win the show at their weights.