Will Mesi-Jirov prove anything?

Just thinking about this weekend's Jirov-Mesi fight, and no matter how it goes, i can't see it proving much regardless of how Mesi wins.

He should probably beat Jirov because he's so much bigger, and Jirov is gonna have to eat shots to score. I just am a little dissappointed because it really isn't a step up from Monte Barrett.

The only way Baby Joe could get respect here would be to invent a time machine and beat a prime Joe Louis.

If he beats Jirov, he will get my respect.

So here's a good question:

Whose record is more padded Jirov or Mesi?

Jirov has been hurt by a couple of blown up middleweights when he was a Cruiser. I question how he's gonna hold up to a natural Heavy's punches.

Say what you will about Mesi, the boy can hit. I would love to see Jirov take him late, so we can see how Mesi handles that much pressure late in a bout, but I dont think his chin will hold up.

I dunno - Mesi started to gas BAD in his last fight...can he keep up with a guy that throws 1000+ punches in a fight?

"Jirov fought Toney."

And lost...so what? If Mesi fights Klit tommorrow and loses what does that say about his level of comp vs his ability? Zero...other than he lost when he finally stepped up...

Look who they have fought and beat...I'll even rank em for you:


Dale Brown

Saul Montana

Jorge Castro/Julian Letterlough or whoever..it don't get much better...


Monte Barret

Davarryl Williamson

David Izon/ Robert Davis

Throw those 6 dudes in a tourney and see what happens...

Also, Jirov only took the Toney fight in his 32nd fight...Mesi has only had 28....

Mesi takes a ton of undeserved heat for his padded record when there are a ton of boxers out there that have worse....

"Mesi started to gas BAD in his last fight...can he keep up with a guy that throws 1000+ punches in a fight? "

See, Mesi is def not the most naturally gifted athlete, but what he does have is a work ethic and the ability to work on his mistakes...he knows he gassed and I'm assuming he learns from it...

"So he stepped up."

And it took him 32 fights to do so...thats my point...Mesi has had 28 fights, why should Mesi take heat, but not Jirov...whose level of comp b4 he stepped up was horrendous...

"And the hype is why Mesi gets the heat."

And we're back....haven't we done this b4 :)

I don't think Jirov can sustain his high punch output vs. Mesi. Toney let him in close cuz Toney is comfortable there. Mesi isn't gonna want an infight.

He'll want distance so he can do his jab and right cross routine that works for him.

If Jirov throws more than 50 punches a round I'd be surprised, and he'll probably win if he does.

he has me worried at the end for sure, that punch to the back of the head almost turned the fight ight around

My friend has SPOKEN ::::::::: SLICK is dead on.

LOL @ "Babied Joe."

"``His experience led him to survive,'' said Mesi. However, when Mesi was asked if he would like to fight Jirov again in a rematch to help determine who is the better fighter, Mesi said, "No, Ive proved my point,'' he said. ``Im still learning. But Im willing to move up the ladder.''

I guess his point was that he has bad stamina, sloppy defense, a questionable chin, and overrated power. Thanks for proving it, Babied Joe."