Will OneFC revive MMA for core fans?

Victor Cui thinks so!

"One FC wants to take the best practices from the East and the West, and that's what we did with our rule set, our safety [precautions] and our fighter matchups. That philosophy runs right through the organization. Both rule sets have a lot to offer and have a strong following from MMA fans.

The man seems to have a vision for true MMA.

I agree take the best from the east and the west.

"While we are based in and focused on Asia, ONE FC is a global property and we have fans all around the world. We want to create a show that is locally relevant and has champions and national heroes that Asians can relate to and support, but we also need to make sure we have a show which is relevant to our global fans, and that's why we put international stars on the card."

Finally asian fighters can go to a place where they won't get robbed in decisions.

 Sure as shit isn't gonna hurt. Now that they've changed the kick rule, I'll be tuning in to every show

^ true. i might start watching MMA again.

If they switched to a white ring.. it would perfect it.

But i guess the cage is part of the east west thing.

Soccer kicks and stomps are not allowed in Finland but we got them white rings and also the fights are scored under "PRIDE" criteria ie. the fights are scored as a whole, not round by round. Inflicted damage and efforts trying to finish the fight have the highest priority in judging the fights.


To me it's really an interesting move.
As a fan I couldn't be happier! For them I worry that they will limit themselves in marketability.

For example. Unified rules are going to be the global dominant. There is no question. So it leads to the countries that either A. Will allow both. Or B. Allow neither or just the one. Most likely unified)

This will limit their market globally to the Asian region. Most notably excluding Australia and Indonesia / Thailand where the unified rules are already taking hold. (Especially in the traditional Maui Thai scene)

I think they will be a great niche for us hardcore fans. But unless mma gets a second 'sport of the month' bubble the extra rules will simply shock those not accustomed to them. MHO Phone Post

First time I seen EY in the UG. Phone Post

I used to be always on the UG.

i was probably top 3-4 ringleader for Team Pride.

After Pride folded, I left for the OG.


If they could take Just the Korean, Tokyo and chinese markets, it would comprise over 1.5 billion people.

The potential is definitely there since UFC doesn't focus/feature asian fighters.

I dont' think UFC's draconian tactics will fly in East Asia.. ONe FC seems to be more compromising and flexible.

It sure will me !
Questions get answered the closer you get to a real fight. Phone Post

I don't like them as much because of the unified rules, which I think are a detriment.

But I definitely think a true challenger to UFC's dominance will have to come from either Asia , MIddle east or india.

I think this ONEFC has a lot of potential and they have some deep contacts with Dream as well.

They need to get hooked up in Japan and revive the MMA scene over there.

Japan still has many good fighters with no place to fight. ANd Korea of course has many good up and coming fighters. this is a huge market that the UFC really is not interested in.. and the market is going to fill that demand.

I agree EY.
Keeping a keen eye in world economics.
And hoping for the best... Phone Post

I'm not a fan of the bloodthirsty refs (Shimada) and lack of steroid testing etc.

But one great thing about One FC is that they seem to reward entertaining fighters. Guys who lost previously, like Baroni, Ribeiro, Belingon etc were given more fights. Unlike in the UFC where they would have been axed immediately.

The pride style judging also seems to help.

I think this is why there are more finishes in One FC... less anxiety about winning at all cost, and fighters try to win the fight rather than rounds.

Whatever the rules are doesn't necessarily matter for me.

I'm just glad that as an Asian MMA fan where OneFC has held a show, I am extremely happy to witness Asian up-and-comers and other name fighters (even if they aren't in their primes anymore)fight live in an arena and not in a TV set.

Its not the UFC, Strikeforce or Bellator, but as fans here in the Eastern side of the world, OneFC gives us the opportunity to take part in a live and high-level MMA event. For us, that counts for a lot.

 I think I saw this thread when DREAM started as well.

^ this victor guy seems a lot savvier internationally. seems like an intl MBA type guy.

Japanese have a good product, but are horrible at intl marketing.

I think this thing is going to be more viable.

MMA is blowing up in Asia. i see this crap on Chinese TV. Art of War.. it's pride rules as well. So many opportunities