will pay 130ea for ufc6,8,10 postr

i will pay 130.00 for a ufc 6, 8(both versions), 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 23, 25, and 29 poster. plus anything from ufc brazil(poster both versions), pass, program, etc. if anyone wants to sell me one of these email me. i will also trade for the right poster. i will respond to all emails. also any other mma related posters or passes i will pay for.

jnlcouball@hotmail.com i can paypal.

there's a guy in Winnipeg, Manitoba who sells MMA posters on ebay.ca. You can get some for as low as $15-$20 bucks. they always come in mint condition and extremly quick shipping. I know for sure I have seen UFC 11 for sale by him. not sure abou the others. check it out.

What does the 29 look like?

Yeah the guy Rking is talking about is great.

The guy your talking about also has a website. Whenever I email him he sends me back in like 5 minutes. I've been haunting him for his Pride 1 poster, but it's sold. If anyone has a Pride 1,2, or 4 poster email me at jibbyjack@shaw.ca - I'll pay good money. Here's the dudes site.


anyone want japanese mags w/ pride coverage? Kakutogi gong and tsushin!

I have ufc 8 poster .email me if you want it..



Mozart, those posters are the real deal..

How much will you pay for Battlecade Extreme Fighting 4 poster?


uscott-- email me for a picture of ufc 29. does anyone know what ufc 16 looks like? what ufc posters had 2 different versions made besides ufc 8, brazils, and 26? does anyone have pics of any of the ufc japans? ufc 4? send me all ufc poster pics. i will send pics too if i have what your looking for.


I know someone that has an autorgraphed UFC poster from Vitor vs Tito, the one that never happened.