Will Pride be as good?

When Pride comes to Vegas they will have to use the
same rules as the UFC. I'd much rather watch the Prides
that take place in Japan where they can do soccer kicks
and knee the head when on the ground. I'll still watch
Pride in Vegas but i don't think it will be as good.

what say you?

I like the different rules in Japan. Offers variety to fans. With that being said, American rules are plenty exciting.

I think American rules suck.Pride is awesome in japan but will be on a UFC/KOTC level when it comes to the US.Plus there will always be some controversy when someone's favorite fighter loses that if there were kness and soccer kicking allowed that they would've won.

Do you think someone like Silva will accidentally kick or knee his opponent if they're down?

Just be glad they're coming at all

I don't really care about soccer kicks, but the knees to the head rule is just stupid. Like a knee to a kneeling opponent's head is fine, but then if one of his hands also touches the ground, whoa, THEN it gets dangerous! Three points on the ground, look out!

Plus I imagine it must be very hard for a fighter in the midst of a battle to register how many "points" are on the ground and check themselves from the very natural instinct to throw a knee (a la Suloev/Baroni).

I think that Pride has shown that knees and kicks to downed opponents are safe enough to try here, and they add a great deal of excitement to a match.

Zuffa and NVAC, get it done!

only kicks to the nards will be allowed

"I think that Pride has shown that knees and kicks to downed opponents are safe enough to try here"

Coleman vs. Goes will put the lie to that claim. Sure a matchup between fighters with such an enormous size differential would never be allowed in the US, but this is an emotional issue, not an objective analysis.

I totally agree, pride should stay in Japan but just try to get us same day PPV. Pride rules help make exciting fights.

It will be the UFC rules in the PRIDE ring. EXCEPT, PRIDE still won't allow elbows to the head.

Very interesting to see...

In the end, the fighters make the fights but if anything I think the US will be impressed by the extent of Pride's production level.

It just looks better.

(No offense to Dana and co. imo they're doing the best they can with what they have and i think the UFC's in the best hands with them)