Will Pride fail in US?

Sadly I think it will. To the noob its rules in the US will look like watered down UFC rules with no elbows. The ring looks silly when people get thrown out or fall out like Yohisda did in last pride. I know some people here hate the cage for fighters being pushed up against it in the past, but fighters have evolved and now use it to turn people with and use it to stand back up. I hope they make here but unless they change some stuff I doubt it.

The cage helps strikers more than grapplers these days.

With the way the rules are governed, now you can just hold on to push and turn away from the fence, or grab it to gain leverage for stikres and/or escaping subs.

I was thnking the samething, but I like how they use it on the ground from the back.

most likely yes, they will end up like the wfa, but instead of getting bought out, they will just go back to japan

PRIDE should save it's money and face. Stay in Japan

plus when you show advertisements for shockwave on fsn its not a good idea to say wanderlei is fighting when he isnt and never was

Pride could easily become No 1 in the US. They just have to get the stomp sactioned in the US, get a very strong broadcaster, HBO or Showtime for their small events and use that to promote the PPV's (UFC style), and do a very different and brilliant reality show.

They have the fighters, they have the set up, they just need to market it properly. It's amazing how they are managing to fuck this up. But I've dealt with them and it's obvious know why.

They have no idea how to promote in the US.

hopefully they will....

Pride entering the Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese Market would be a much better strategy at this point.

Pride doesn't understand the USA market, in addition, MMA appeals to tapout wigger wannabe midwesterners.. which the Pride show does not cater to.

Pride can't capture that core hillbilly audience.

Chinese and Koreans love Japanese entertainment, so they will have an automatic advantage there. Sanda is pretty popular in China, so there is a market for MMA in China if the right people promote it.

if they start the US PPV broadcast with multiple closeups of Takada's rippling buttocks, I would have to say the answer is a resounding YES

You're saying Takada's buttocks will not sell here?!

"Pride just doesn't know how to promote well. I don't understand why they don't hook up with a great advertiser and promoter who knows the U.S. demographic the UFC appeals to, teenagers and blue collar, drunk, idiot, fatasses."

lol. yes, but pride will have to dumb down their product and introduce mandatory tribal tats and tapout beanies on all fighters. I don't think they are willing to make that sacrifice.

Anything that gets poopular in the states get watered down to. Draconian Athletic commission laws don't help either.

Pride should stay in the Asian market where they have the freedom to make their own rules and to market to a more diverse and educated group of people.

I agree . Pride would be more enjoyable if they didn't use UFC's watered down rules and idiot state licenced referees and judges who fuck up all the time."

yes. I don't want the best MMA show to be turn into MMA-lite, like the UFC is right now.

Yes refs and judges should be on the promoter's payroll, that way you know decisions and reffing are completely legit. See Yoshida's last fight for evidence.

instead of playing keep away with the fucking card maybe they should try advertising it.i dont know but that might help

US market is king. They need in.

You're truly fucking clueless aren't you, PrideGP1? Are the peasants going to trade rice and eggs for the PPV?

"yes. I don't want the best MMA show to be turn into MMA-lite, like the UFC is right now." I don't really understand that comment.

"How can you not claim that freak shows don't sell in the U.S.? Tyson PPV's draw the most attention of any boxing PPV."

Tyson's last PPV was a fucking dud. People paid for Tyson because they thought he still might have it. After his debacles with Williams and McBride, fans have given up that hope. They didn't pay for a freak show, they paid to see Tyson knock some fucker out, and when they realized that wouldn't happen anymore they stopped buying.

Takada's ass cheeks, the screaming woman, the freak show matchups, the half hour intermission... Those don't work in America. They just don't.