Will Rampage really Silva??

It wasn't to long ago that Rampage fought Randleman and the winner was to become the #1 contender and receive a title shot at Silva....

We all know how that panned out. Pride screwed Rampage.

Yes, Rampage got a chance to fight Silva in the GP, but he had to re-earn that spot by winning, it wasn't for a MW title, and in my opinion, was not given the best chance to win due to having to fight Chuck before-hand.

So with Silva out for sometime with injurys on his knee, and the promised Silva / Kondo match, that you know Pride wants for the Japanese fans! Does anyone actually see Pride giving this shot to Rampage?

I doubt it!

What the hell does that thread title mean? Is Silva now a verb?

He's gonna Silva the hell out of somebody.

Yeah, I think he's going to Silva like a madman and after he's done with that he'll likely Sylvia and maybe even Silviera.

LOL @ Domingo!

...and then Ken said "I'll Silva you're hair black! I hate you Tito.. all you do is Ghost.. but this time, Tito, Im gonna spank your Manny...You're nothing but a little Krull....

Apologies for the thread title.... I could have sworn I typed..

"Will Rampage really get to fight Silva?"

But yeah... anyways....

I think we'll eventually see this fight, but it'll be about a year because Pride needs time to use every possible excuse to not make this fight. Then when they run out, the fight will happen.

Rampage will only Silva in private.

I think the real question is. Will Silva Really Rampage? I don't see how he couldn't if it was warm enough outside.

I think they'll fight, and it'll be a good fight just like the first one was. I also expect that Silva will win, much like the first one.


LOL @Jack Furiously

"What the hell does that thread title mean? Is Silva now a verb?"