Will Rogan stop calling for leg kicks now?

Every fight Joe is always calling for more leg kicks and talking up how effective they are. With the Silva injury will Joe lay off the criticism of fighters who don't throw leg kicks? Phone Post 3.0

He better not. This is fighting. Get a stronger stomach if you cant handle it. Muay Thai 101 kids. Learn it. Phone Post

I don't think so. Leg kicks are a part of the sport, and are a very effective tool if used properly. How many leg kicks have we seen in the UFC, and how many broken legs have we seen as a result of them? I don't think he has to stop calling for leg kicks

Under used if anything. We should see more. Phone Post

No he won't because they are effective. The risk/reward is worth it to most due to the fact that while a checked kick hurts like hell, these freak injuries are pretty rare. Phone Post 3.0

When I hear fighters like Cerrone saying he's never throwing another leg kick and Henderson saying he's going to start working his boxing, it makes me wonder if this will make fighters more cautious. Sure the comments were just reactions but stuff like this has got to stick in the back of your mind, Joe's included. Phone Post 3.0

I think the more interesting question is will namby-pamby fans call for outlawing the knee spike? With all the people who bitch about Jones' oblique kicks despite there being absolutely no evidence that they are more dangerous than other kicks, I would think a proven devastating technique like the knee spike would get them all in a lather.

If Silva's injury has any lasting effect on the sport, I suspect it will be a gradual shift away from roundhouse kicks and towards those dastardly oblique kicks.

I'm wondering if the guys still throwing leg kicks will even hesitate a second on how hard they throw it, could be worse and give opponent an extra split second to check it.


probably not, cuz How many leg kicks were thrown in history of combat sports and how many times did that happen? Phone Post

If people would just listen to Bas Phone Post 3.0

brody3316 - If people would just listen to Bas Phone Post 3.0
Boom. Phone Post 3.0

the original idea of the knee kick was actually to hit someone who had a lot of weight on their leg's knee hard enough with a strong shuffle side kick or a hard roundhouse to actually blow out the knee, thats the point of the kick, as a street technique, just tapping them isnt really worthwhile. the kick is directly to the side of the kneecap rather than the outer nerve cluster. it is possible but the other guy needs to be in a bad stance and not moving.

Its a very effective technique as just above the knee the where the sciatic nerve is closest to the surface Phone Post 3.0

Guys need to start with the rolling pin up and down the shins Phone Post 3.0

The Gumball Kid - I'd laugh my ass off if Joe gets infatuated with leg kick protection like he's been about head trauma and talked about it none stop
I can see that happening. Phone Post 3.0

I think Joe mostly calls for leg kicks when the opponent isn't checking them and they are effective. Often times that happens and then the guy throwing the kicks just stops kicking.

I don't trane so please excuse my ignorance, but did Anderson's leg break because Weidman used a technique to check the kick very efficiently or was it just "luck?" By luck I mean the right angle, right spot, right time, etc. Not as an excuse for Anderson or any disrespect towards Weidman. Phone Post 3.0

BW92 - It was a perfect check by Weidman so that's why it broke and credit to him, you can't really control a leg snap though Phone Post 3.0
Thanks. Phone Post 3.0