Will Shamrock be better?

Since Shamrock had the ACL surgery, he may be better than he was his past few fights. He said having that bad knee really cut off his movement against Tito. Now he could have much more movement standing up, and may be more free, and flexible, to go for some locks on the ground. Anyone seen him train recently? He's had plenty of time to heal. We may be surprised.

He also mentioned about training with different people. That should help his game.

It'll definitely be interesting to see.

I hope so, it would be a pleasant surprise.

he is as old as randy.

I really think that he will be much better overall not only due to the fact that he's being trained by Erik Paulson and rolling around with Steve Blackman, but because he could next to no groundwork with the torn ACL. Having his ACL back to 100% will allow us to see the old Ken Shamrock, the one that always was looking for the submission, rather than the Ken Shamrock of recent years, the stand and slug Ken Shamrock.

I'm one the biggest Shamrock fans around, but even I've started to grow some what weary of Ken's pre-fight promises.

Talk can only carry you so far; sooner or later you're going to have to back it up.

I hope this is the time when his actions start speaking louder than his words....

Kimo will be too big for Ken.

Even now that he's a little older..........

a healthy Ken Shamrock is TWICE the fighter

that we saw fighting Tito.



Having his knee back 100% won't allow us to see THE old Ken Shamrock, but it will allow us to see AN old Ken Shamrock.

And he's still 10,000 better than another embarassing circus with Hanky-Tanky.

Don't think I'm being too hard on Shamrock, I'm still a fan and he's still old.

Well I certainly don't think he'll be worse. I hope not anyway.

It depends on his cardio and how much roids he was taking.

Will Shamrock be better? Nope, I don't think so.

Shamrock always comes out promising things, but in reality he's just like an old school Arona.
He comes out and for someone labeled a "submissions master" only goes for them when they fall right into his lap. The Frye fight was the only time he's ever been aggressive outside of Pancrase.
Normally he passes up numerous chances to pass guard or advance position with the hopes of pounding someone. If he's ever put on his back...I haven't seem much from him there either.

Shamrock was a destructive guy in Pancrase because he was balls to the wall, but with no rope escapes, he's really passive.

"Shamrock was a destructive guy in Pancrase because he was balls to the wall"

He was successful in Pancrase because he had a significant size and strength advantage over most of his opponents.

He's gone from "balls to the wall" to "balls to the nose", and Kimo is going to be doing the teabagging next.