Will Shotime Pettis become a Mega Star ?

I just sent the GIF to a casual co worker and he responded 'thats the guy from the mtv show' ..pettis already has been on mtv. this gif will make its rounds around the world.. if he becomes ufc champ next fight I see the UFC completely blowing him up and being on GSP, Brock level ..gonna be fun to watch his rise .. damn if Aldo moves up in a few years.. and they are both on top .. wow.. biggest small man fight in history

he just might depending on if he can continue to perform, the downside is the two possible opponents he could face are stylistically boring match ups with the ability to (Maynard) dry hump him to bolivian, (edgar)buzz around and outpoint him.
The lead up will be good and Joe Rogan will bust a vein in his neck during hype interviews.

Certain things come into play, if he wins big he could be huge, if he barely wins or its not flashy it could be as fame inducing as it was for Edgar the most unheralded UFC champ short of Dave Menne.

If he loses it depends on how he loses, flashes of brilliance keeps him a marquee name, laid on top of and held down or buzzed around and cant make anything going and he will be forgotten.

his ground game is good. its not like hes a fish out of water on the ground. i just hope he doesnt fizzle against someone like a gray or a frankie who can avoid subs and blanket him. i hate saying that about frankie though

l33tp33t - remember when the korean zombie was the next big star

 Yea, but Showtime has much more technique than just stand there and get punched in the face.

The UFC can market the shit out of that kid. Awesome striking. Great ground game. Inspirational story growing up (losing his father, helping support his family). To top it off, the kid is a good looking kid. (no homo) Endless potential and no doubt will be a UFC superstar. Phone Post

23 years old, sick highlight reel & skills, the guy is a phenom and i bet Dana is drooling all over the footage of the kick

no because maynard will hump him to dust

Bobby Lupo -  The mistake here is throwing him to the wolves (Frankie or Maynard) when hes still very young, still developing his fight game and has never fought anyone of that caliber in such a big event.

Too much too soon. But he's never boring and could be a top guy one day

I agree. Having Pettis fight the top guys in the UFC too soon could derail his career.

Right now, there are so many intriguing match-ups for him in the UFC. I'd rather see Pettis-Dos Anjos, or Pettis-Danzig, or Pettis-Etim, or even Pettis-Oliviera fight.

The one fight that would be fireworks, but can't happen right now, would be Pettis-Heurta.

 I hope Pettis becomes a star...I'm really pulling for the kid. He's got the story, the skills, the looks and some notoriety from an MTV show already. Him and Ben Henderson are needed in the UFC. With BJ at 170 now and Frankie and Gray's uninspiring positions on top of the 155 division, Pettis and Hendo are a breath of fresh air.


Riley Freeman - He's young, good looking, charismatic - I don't see why he wouldn't be a huge star. He was already on MTV...

sounds like you are really digging him there

if he pulls off a kick like that in his UFC title fight, he'll for sure become a star in the UFC.