Will staph kill BJJ?

Drug-resistant super-staph infections were once relegated to hospitals and old-folks homes, now they're increasingly infecting athletes. Grapplers, because of the constant skin to skin contact, are particularly susceptible. A word to the wise... forget the long sleeve rashguard and start grappling in a full-body wetsuit :(



i take 3, sometimes 4 showers a day. once when i wake up, before training, and then immediately after.

its so important to shower after you train, staph is hard to prevent considering all of the contact you make with other people.

On the other hand showering right before training will lower the chances of anyone else catching something from you.

People been wrestling in HS and College for years.  Hasnt KO'd wrestling  it certainly wont KO BJJ. 

I used to train with a guy who used Kenshield before training, he said wrestlers use it to prevent infections.


Its put me on the shelf more than I would like...that's for sure :-(

Oddessa, you're ignoring the fact that certain strains are getting much stronger and harder to deal with than they ever have in the past. Seems to me they've been occurring a lot more frequently recently.

^ Yeah, washing gi's is a must.. I know guys who just hang them outside, but I think you need to wash em to get rid of the nasties...

I was infected by MRSA once. It's twice as scary if you have kids and think about taking it home with you... Proper decon of all equipment, especially pads and mats, is critical. One or two high profile problems will spread like wildfire eventually.

Mats should be washed at least once a day IMO.

So is normal old fashioned soap the best to clean with? as opposed to new stuff like body wash?

I bathe in my own urine.

Hell, it works for athletes foot.

speak of the fucken devil, i have staph right now-- this shit sucks...

"Staph in BJJ is LESS likely and occurs rarely because of the thick gi. It's MORE likely in no gi and MMA. "

Is there any study to support this? I wonder if training in a gi increases the risk of staph and other infections (ringworm, etc) because of the number of people who don't wash their gis after each workout and then wear them again.

It's all about sanitattion. Keep your body, clothes, and mats clean. We had littler turd in out gym that never showered, sweat like nobodies bussiness, and (get this) in middle of training used the bathroom and wore no foot protection. When I found out i flipped. Who wants to roll with old ass matter and black and curlies. After training I go home and jump right in the hot tub. 105 degrees loaded with chlorine hell yeah. Then I shower. Clean habits will help slow this "staph craze".

Will HIV kill fucking? Will Hep C kill cocaine? Will liver disease kill drinking? Will Matty Mo kill Rampage??? Well the last one might happen, but the others...NO CHANCE.

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"Will staph kill BJJ?"

not if you dirty Mofo's start showering for a change!

"I also approve of this stinky ass thread.... Everyone should be asking about the hygiene situation at there gym, and promoting good hygiene by asking the high-ups to make it an issue. At my gym it's never talked about, no signs or telling people to wash there gi when they sign up....and that's lame considering i go to one of the best BJJ skools in the world.... "

if you put a sign up about Ring Worm treatment and stuff, you'll lose most of your students b4 sign up. including ALL spandex-clad hotties, turning your gym into a total swordfight, and making the "3rd hook" an additional safety hazard.