Will Stipe be Rothed well?

I think Stipe is for sure the #2 contender behind Andrei Arlovski but I am going to say that he will be Rothed very well soon.

If he has an Roth IRA, he might want to cancel it too. Phone Post 3.0

Does Stipe resemble Robin Hood? Seeing as how the Sheriff of Rothingham will soon run amok over him? Phone Post 3.0

Hopefully, but Stipe will try to wrestlefuck the well rothed man.

Big Ben can end it. But, Stipe is a D1 wrestler. He will dictate where the fight takes place. He wont stand with Ben.  Stipe takes it with a boring D.


Rumble Young Man Rumble - I sure hope so, don't like the cut of his jib. Hopefully Stipe gets Rothed all over his face.
Something about the Hunt fight and something about him raising hell about Arkovski getting a shot just didn't resonate. Also, Rothwell is a 2 ton snowball rolling down hill, only picking up momentum on a huge win streak.

It's as if it were destiny for Big Ben's fist to collide with Stipe's chin and find himself looking up at the ceiling wondering how he got Rothed so well. Phone Post 3.0

I like them both and Rothwell has some amusing recent antics ive been enjoying but I think stipe willl be little to much for Big Ben Phone Post 3.0

All depends on what Stipe wants to do in the fight. Standing with Big Ben is fucking risky as all hell and considering Stipe should on paper have the ability to take him down it would be the smarter strategy.

Ben's on a tear

Stipe is too quick and athletic to be rothed. He will use superior footwork, speed and straight punches to win this Phone Post 3.0

Stipe is going to beat the shit out of Roth. He got lucky against Mitrione and he knows it. Don't beat my ass, Roth. Signed BK

Stipe seems like a great guy but unfortunately he will be Rothed.

There's no stopping Roth when he wants to Roth you, it's just a matter of time.

Mwuhahahahahahahaha. Phone Post 3.0

Big Ben is the guy that could beat anyone on a good day. Phone Post 3.0

Blazing Knees - Stipe is going to beat the shit out of Roth. He got lucky against Mitrione and he knows it. Don't beat my ass, Roth. Signed BK

Schaub, Nelson, Kongo and McSweeney got lucky 2.

Whatcha gonna do when THE ROTH runs wild on you?!! Phone Post 3.0

We will, we will, ROTH WELL Phone Post 3.0

I'm not on the sthype train. He hasn't done much but beat mark hunt. That's good don't get me wrong but he's shown nothing that says he won't be rothed Phone Post 3.0

Stipe will have done gypped himself if he agrees to get Rothed.

Roth is a rolling stone of body bags, stripe will be getting cleaned up Phone Post 3.0

Stats point to Stipe by technique, but I've got The Roth by animal instinct. He is one of the few fighters that I will not consider getting up to piss during his post fight interview.