Will “Stranger Things” shit the bed?

So season 4 of ST is arguably the best season of the entire show and has been fantastic.

Word on the street is that there will be a season 5.

Not sure where you go from this season other than down considering how great it has been so season 5 fills me with dread despite not even seeing the season 4 finale.

With that being said, will Stranger Things shit the bed with season 5 or go out on a ridiculous high note?

  • Season 5 will shit the bed harder than Game of Thrones final season
  • Season 5 is gonna blow season 4 away and be the GOAT!!!
  • All bets are on Nitecrawler loves powder kegs (no opinion/show results)

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All bets are on Gritty being wrong again


Who knows? Season 4 has been a lot better than season 3.

They’re aging out of their roles. A lot of kid actors grow up to be weird looking adults.

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They seem to have a set story in mind, and it’s the same writing crew across seasons and episodes. That bodes well. And they’ve said no matter what, Season 5 is it. Story ends there.

I think it’ll be good. This latest season is the best yet, they are hitting their stride and it should continue.

Unlike, say, Star Wars movies recently, where there was no overarching plan or story and everyone was given free rein to do whatever the fuck they wanted - yeah, no shit they wound up contradicting each other, making terrible decisions that were hard to follow up on or else erase, etc.


Isn’t season 5 what they are releasing next month?

Season 1 was great
Season 2 was good
Season 3 was very forgettable
Season 4 has been the best yet

Season 4 was one of the best shows from the past decade imo. I think the guys writing the show are very competent. They listened to the criticism about season 3 and mastered and honed there craft for season 4.

I think season 5 will be just as good. The problem is will anything compare to Vecna in terms of a villain?

No, next month they are releasing the final 2 episodes of season 4.

No, next month is the second part of Season 4. Season 5 has yet to start filming.

Who says he’ll die in this season? :slight_smile:

All good points but where do you go from Vecna? When Dustin was explaining the hierarchy he basically said the Demogorgon was the foot solider, mind flayer was the captain and Vecna was the general (or something like that) so seems like Vecna is the big bad.

They gonna battle Vecna for another season? A dude that can be defeated with a Walkman and a Kate Bush cassette? I don’t know, man. That seems like it will run out of steam real quick.

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Barely escaped, not defeated - and that’s only in the upside down or mental realm or whatever.

I’m really curious to see what happens if he “gets out” or otherwise can act on the real world.

Season 4 was shit with two great episodes. No one can fucking act, might be the worst ensemble acting ever in a TV show. So no, it won’t shit the bed, it’s just pretty shit

I have read that season 5 will be a continuation of season 4 and will be the finale of the series.

This is what I’ve been wondering in regards to a villain…They’ve done a really good job relating their villains to d&d characters, and also with call backs to the 80’s, with nods to various iconic films and characters. This latest season having Robert Englund and Russians…

I think that there’s a few ways they could play this, and season 5 could just be huge, with multiple villains. One type of D&D related character we have yet to see is any type of dragon, which I think might get explored seeing they’ve introduced different creatures in the upside-down with Vecna.

But, jumping to 80’s call backs, there’s one big genre they haven’t really touched on yet and that’s Vampires, which D&D has as well. There’s one in particular that fits some of the thing’s that have happened and can be tied into some of the thing’s one of the main character’s have started talking about this past season. I think they’re setting them up to assume that role somehow.

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I’m hoping for Tiamat or a Beholder.


I was thinking Tiamat as well and Strahd

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Didn’t mind Season 1 - Season 2 just felt like they were fellating with increasingly 80’s nostalgia to the point I stopped watching.

just binged part 1 of season 4 before reading any reviews of it…my initial reaction was “Damn this season is the best one yet”…glad that is pretty much the consensus. Agreed that season 3 was forgettable and wasnt even looking forward to watching part 4…glad they have revived it.