Will “Stranger Things” shit the bed?

Should be Venger

Also they confirmed in Feb that it’ll go 1 more season and then that storyline is done.

i thought season 3 was good in it’s on funny way, season 4 has been great so far

Did he OP?


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I’m still on season 4.

Refresh my memory with the “bad guy” in this

S1- Demogorgon

S2&S3- Mind Flayer

S4- Vecna

Am I right? Or am I off on season 2?

I want it to get woke

I thought this was season 4 and they cut it in 2 parts?

It is and they did.

So, there will be the other half + season 5?

It will be two long episodes to finish season 4. They wanted to keep their subscribers and extra month.

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Season 4 is the best yet. I want to complain about all the different storylines but they’re all good enough that I won’t.

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They tied in nicely with the last episode though.

I was actually impressed with how they connect everything.

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It shit the bed in season 1.

Season 4 Stranger Things 4

  1. 4-1 27 May 22 Chapter One: The Hellfire Club
  2. 4-2 27 May 22 Chapter Two: Vecna’s Curse
  3. 4-3 27 May 22 Chapter Three: The Monster and the Superhero
  4. 4-4 27 May 22 Chapter Four: Dear Billy
  5. 4-5 27 May 22 Chapter Five: The Nina Project
  6. 4-6 27 May 22 Chapter Six: The Dive
  7. 4-7 27 May 22 Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab
  8. 4-8 01 Jul 22 Chapter Eight: Papa
  9. 4-9 01 Jul 22 Chapter Nine: The Piggyback

No it didn’t. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

My predictions for S5

Mike and Will are going to make out.

Dustin is going to lose his his virginity to Suzie while Argile is upstairs railing her big sister.

Lucas will wield his BBC

Nancy, Robin and Steve are going to do a three way.

Jonathan is going to secretly watch and cry while jacking off.