Will Sylvia survive the first 5min

We all know AA is eventually going to stomp Tim into the ground but how will it take AA to knock or submit him? My prediction is AA by KO at the 3:30 mark of the first round. I think Tim will last a bit longer this time around bu the ending of this fight is going to be quite brutal for him. He's going to eat a lot of leg kicks and punches before AA puts him out and he's leaving this one on a stretcher boys. You heard it hear first! Go Arvloski!!!

You are way off with the time of the ending. AA wins it 3:31 into round 1.

LOL!!! I'll give you that 3:31 sounds about right!

You heard it here first...

Is the Pope pagan?

dude there is no way AA will kill him in at least 3 min if that.

Your all a bunch nut jobs....this wont last 3 minutes. AA via KO 2:59 into the first round.

i'll take one minute, bob!


Tim by oil slick! Remember you heard it here first

You are clearly Sylvia nuthuggers if you think it will go over 3 minutes!

A couple of jackasses on this thread now eating crow.

I really dislike Sylvia, but you have to give him his due.


Wasn't it pretty close to 3:31 of the first round only, going in Sylvia's favor?