Will the Chinese Eat Anything?

She looks so happy about this.


Dem god damn bow legged chinky eyed bastards should be pulling rickshaws!

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Disgusting, but that’s some beautiful scenery in the background

I was on board until she just bit into it from the side like a retard.

I have had delicious frog legs, I enjoy blood sausage, I like a runny yolk.

You know maybe with a fork and knife I would eat it. The presentation maybe needs some work.

Keep in mind because of retarded shithole communists, china had a great starvation where something like 55 million people died from lack of food due to socialism and communism, so like its understandable that they were eating everything you could eat.


“If it’s got wings, we’ll eat it” - some Chinese cook on tv I saw once.

Didn’t read. Over population and communism to blame.

“We eat everything with four legs except table! SUCKY SUCKY! FIVE DORRA!”

disgusted colin farrell GIF

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it was with rice, I’ll allow it

Whenever I watch vids of China… Travelling or eating vids. I never see any pigeons or squirrels in the vids. I’ve always noticed that.

Theres a Chinese cook show I watch on Youtube. The guy cooks outside. Theres no life in the wilderness behind him. Not 1 bird ever flies by.

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i know a couple of old guys that eat squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and frogs (florida)

all that,including video in OP, is gross to me, only bc I personally do not like that stuff…but i do not see anything fucked up or wrong about it except the concept of people biting into food zoomed in on video (i hate that)

she is eating 100% natural off the land…cant hate on that

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At first I thought the frog was alive when she was stuffing it, and I felt badly for it. Pretty sure it was already dead.

Enjoy your parasites, lady.

Extra protein!

That’s odd, they traditionally like their food to suffer first.

Fuck that whole country


Well said. China is the anus of the Earth.

I live in Malaysia and my Chinese friends here say ‘We will eat anyting with wings thats not a plane and anything with 4 legs thats not a table’ so yes, yes they will

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Apparently they will be eating anything they can find pretty soon. Things are not going well there.

Fuckers eat anything and think every mound of keritized tissue gives you a boner.