Will the Chinese Eat Anything?

It’s awful. Eating dogs is one thing. But I’ve seen them blowtorch torture dogs, with everyone laughing as the dogs scream in agony. WTF. All in public (and said public laughing).

Not bugs. Klaus Schwab reserved those for the rest of us.

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OP’s thread title sounds like something that was pitched to Spike TV as a reality show in 2008 to tie-in with the Beijing Olympics.

Yeah I’m cool with my sons fighting that war

I ate frog legs in Texas and whole frogs in China. its a close call which was better.


Lol at this city slicker. Squirrel is good and healthy and frogs are normal to eat. I’m not a fan of possum or coon too much tho.

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Did that fat lady put those frogs in there alive, where they were slowly steamed to death? Fuk that fat thing…

The Chinese will even eat pizza with pineapple on it.

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more of a suburban slicker, but yeah, im not into any rodents…i have a fucking phobia of them…you couldnt pay me $10k in cash to simply hold a mouse in my hand lol

i grew up with having frogs as pets (still do to this day) so im not into eating frogs, even though they are nutritious and normal eating

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Were those edible frogs? Leptodactylus labyrinthicus ? The name i portuguese is rã, and they taste like chicken, I don’t like them, but it is normal to eat them. she is bot eating a sewer frog or something nasty like that.
Don’t tell me you wouldn’t eat this.

as opposed to where? Are saying things are good here?

They’ll eat anything except your mom. That’s too much even for them.

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48 second mark that cat realized the frogs were just the appetizers


This is one thing I admire about the Chinese. They can eat huge chunks of fat, skin, grisle with no problem. I can’t do it. I wish I could but as soon as I get an unchewable piece of meat in my mouth or some slimy fat or skin, I will gag instantly.

I’ve seen them eat nothing but skin and fat. They eat it like it’s nothing

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