Will the Dow drop below 29888

The low on the DOW was 29 888

Will it go below that number or was that the bottom?


I stopped looking at the market about 8 months ago. Too painful. Haven’t looked at my 401k either. Just awful. Imagine if you’re on the verge of retiring and then the bottom falls out and you mentally go from thinking about fishing all day to realizing you have to work 3 more years.


I’ll vote yes. The current trend of lower lows and lower highs is still in place for now.

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Do you think we hit peak inflation?

Or do you think the july #will be higher?

I think we hit it back in mid June.

Energy and lumber/ housing/ some food is already either leveled or coming down

When we get julys #’s I think we have bounce (like the past couple weeks) and then when recession does settle late this year the market falls. But not passed 30k

I think we MAY have reached peak inflation but I don’t think it will go down to the target rate as quickly as people are hoping. I think it will remain elevated enough that the Fed will continue to raise rates and this will tank the markets at least down to the previous low for a test. Any black swan during this period will result in new lows across the board. I’m long so I would prefer to be wrong about all this.

Idk, but the more it drops… the less shirts I can buy…lol.

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This is nothing beyond my own amateur speculation, but I truly believe we will see hyperinflation.

What will it be Jan 1st? 25K?

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Broski. Make a Dow or sp thread for end of year

That got a lot of good discussion

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Bottom was last month. I predict Dow will be back to 36k by early next year.

I think so too. I think we will go down from here maybe. But not below 30

I thought Tesla was going to split so they could gain a spot on the Dow as well

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Maybe my prediction comes sooner than expected.

I think we have another HUGE drop to come 1st unfortunately

But I don’t think we drop to a new low

there will be a huge drop in earnings Q3 but there will also be a drop in inflation

So what news will investors think is more important

It’s a strange time, but I don’t think you can go wrong if you DCA over the next year. I’m not sure about “loading up” with taking cash off the table, but slow accumulation over the next 9 months or so doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

I only invest in Dividend stocks balanced equally among the 11 different sectors, so it doesn’t affect me as much if the market goes up, down or sideways.

One thing I don’t do anymore is buy before Earnings. I’d say 75% of the time the stock goes down, just not worth it (burned too many times). I usually wait 3-4 days after a Earnings drop and it’s usually a good buy. I did it this week with CMCSA and it’s working out nicely so far.

Yes it will.

I base this on the inflation pressure.

Average household has to pay an additional $5,900/yr because of inflation. Gas, groceries, utilities, etc.

Average house hold income is $67,000

People will NOT be able to absorb this cost.

Couple that with 30-40% of public traded companies in the US do not turn a profit and subsist completely off of debt/bonds and rates are going up.
Many of these companies are going to die.

This rally is fueled by dumb retail buyers, according to reports.

We’ll go below 29,888 for sure